Barclays mobile phone insurance claim form

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That might be a suggestion I have for them should I need to call again. I'm just impatient and I admit it. I basically was being sold a policy that does nothing and likely cant be activated unless there is a great chance of winning and at little cost to them. Gadget teck pack is scam its been over 1 month and still they investigating they ask you so many doucements and quistions and they just want you to say something that does not match when you signed up for gadget 3 years ago so they can decline the claim its so annoying when they try to scare you we gona check gps location and try to locate it from game apps or call apple and im like do what you want not interested my ipad got stolen from car i didnt feel as bad as barclay have treated me.

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They are actually based in Crewe near Stoke I admit!

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My phone was stolen in the early hours of sat morning. Search Post reply Subscribe to thread. They refused to consider this. I eventually got him to part with it and sent it off to LSG via Barclays. Cheap Energy Club Ensures the cheapest energy deal constantly.

Many asking about the free finanacial education textbook for schools - it's out in a couple of weeks - here's info https:? Couldn't replace my iphone when i lost it and offered a pittance after excess! Firstly, it was news to me that that I had to pay an excess on any claim for a mobile phone.

So i am returning this one for a replacement which again could be a refurb handset. On top its a misleading company, as i recieved a email saying it will be resolved in 24hours but it has not. Some have been refurbished, others new, so I guess its just the luck of the draw.

Who do I call for the mobile phone insurance I have with my bank account? | Barclays

Bold Deleted Italic Text. It probably fell out of my pocket while I dozed Read the small print!! I called Lifestyle on the Sunday morning, 12 hours mobild it happened and I was told that I would receive a package from them by the next available post, which going by that it was Sunday would be either Tuesday or Wednesday.

And if they hadn't got me on the 'Report to the Police' within 24 hours exclusion, then they probably would have excluded me on this little beauty You should contact us straight away.

Barclays employee - all dlaim are my own. Credit Card deals.

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Would definitely use this service again. Did not make claim within 48hours. Sent me 3 faulty puone then offered a different phone that was not equivalent.

The MSE mobile menu not all pages are optimised yet. I didn't have a copy of my Policy Document with me on holiday, I happen to be an honest person and just lost my phone! What are your favourite 60s 70s 80s songs?

Don't have a Forum account? Bank accounts Insurace accounts All current accounts help Opening an account Switching Statements and balances Features Store and Packs Business accounts All business accounts help Starting a business Opening Premier accounts Students and graduates International accounts. I was also told that if I was sued I would be covered, but then when that happened they said there is no record of that conversation and could I prove it, clearly not when verbal on their recorded lines.

I received the claim form, completed and submitted it only to arrive home today to find out it has been rejected because I did not submit the claim within 48 hours of discovering the damage. I phoned to see if clajm could tell me roughly how long it would be. Prickleric… 1 h, 27 m ago. Oh how I miss technology. I lost my HTC One m7 just over a year ago. I sent back the last faulty one which they received 2 weeks ago but they still can't confirm that they have it and won't pay out or replace.

I like many presumed a reasonable time limit to make a claim would be allowed.

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