Battlefield 3 server files

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I joined a 64 player one before I knew the server stuff was custom Thought they just unlocked it or something and my rank was suddenly 45, but I had no unlocks and battlelog showed me as 45 with negative k ish exp. Server providers are likely under NDA where they'd get sued if they leaked the files. At least this puts the lie to their claims that private server files prevent hacks.

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They keep saying it's a PC-first game but just more and more I can't understand what the fuck they were thinking with all this bullshit. Originally Posted by Spirit There is no need for the ESN launcher, nothing from battlelog either, nor does the server crash without it.

Got disconnected with a message saying: Find More Posts by diles. Another potential cause is specifying an incorrect level name specified level: Also, i speak russian ;D. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Yeah just got done playing on quite a few different conquest servers -- frickin loved fipes Alright, so the DrWhat and Spirit are part of this emulator.

Submit a new text post. I do agree that a large part of mod tools and server files not being released is that they stand to lose money.

Find More Posts by encode. Its almost as if they want to create a god awful user experience up until you play the game, so bahtlefield makes it feel that much better. I was a intern there for 2 months, I did the work online. Find More Posts by DrWhat. Server files probably wont either.

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If it's got the "Beta" thing in the top right, click around the bottom left of the screen. Yet in game I am a level 1.

I'll keep messing with it though. And for starters, we need the master server files, or a trick website. Real programmers don't document, if it was hard to write, it should be hard to understand.

I assume is normal that the scoreboard shows only 64 33, even if serverr server browser tells there are playing on it. They'll lock down auth so you can only play on servers that EA gets paid for in short order.

Links removed, no external links. Welcome to Reddit, the front page batltefield the internet. Want to add to the discussion? Find More Posts by hugohack. Shit you got fired? It worked without any interaction what so ever, i'm going over the game modes now. They never put out the tools, and the files stayed locked down.

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How exactly is this DICE's fault? That's no DX11 error he's getting. Yeah I excited for a minute there. Once DICE inevitably locks things down again and the servers can't register on the list anymore, illegitimate players will be the only ones who get to play on custom servers at all.

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