Field runner 2

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Once the tank get destroyed you have to sell the 1b tower and place back the gatling tower to 1a. You can get around it if you zoom all the way in. Almost there tesla towers is a must and glue towers is important here to slow down runners to get more hits by tesla towers. Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Just want to show it is possible to unlock 5 million points card in patch 1.

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Saving money for tesla tower. You will notice the tank from 2a move to 2b. Log in Sign Up. Bug fixes and optimizations to make the game better than ever!

Hello lad9r, I checked the vield million points card dint mention in which mode, you can try play home of derange casual mode to archive it. Fied is for Premium users only Why not join us today?

The most addicting tower defense game returns in an all-new prequel adventure.

GamesBeat "Innovating and redefining tower defense". Defend your world from the invasion by building winding paths out of imaginative, new weapons. Hi, Gary, Ice tower and plague tower are highly recommended.

About Fieldrunners 2

They are there to be used by players that want a quick way to get extra coins. Can you tell me what order to runmer them? Smash Hit Tower Defense Game. Creating corners will also slow a unit down as they take longer to turn.

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Join the defense, now! If players win, the game will give players 1 star for casual mode2 stars for runnner modeor 3 stars for heroic mode.

IM still struggling on this one — round 31 i lose 15 alone! All Guides Login Settings Logout.

Players can use earned coins and stars to buy more powerful towers. Hey man, which towers are worth buying most? App Advice "Set to lead rumner mobile tower defense playing field". Pausing is also paramount in making Sudden Death maps manageable. Macenstein "Boy oh boy, does it look sweet!

Our Top Ten Starting Tips

Hi Kyle, I am updated the post kindly check it out. What about Turbo Dryer aon Heroic?

Upgrade to the max! With a corn-cob pipe and a decent range, he turns baddies into snow. Fieldrunners 2 Strategy Guide Author s: Use gatling tower setup a maze.

Try to place 4 gatling towers at second row. Hope this will help you. Hope this can help you.

Subatomic Studios announced a release date of April 24 for Fieldrunners 2 for Android, in way inviting users for beta testing. Unlock details in our app store description Place railgun to prevent the leak and then upgrade pyro towers to the max.

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