Battle of the ampere

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Jaime allows Michael and Ostin to talk to their parents. More presentations by Brain Brain Independent Clauses. Wade dies after being shot by an Elgen guard while saving Jack.

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Evans did such a good job at being the better author, and not being cliche, but instead gave a very unique plot in the next plot, by doing this, it's just so remarkable, I want to give him a great high five. Electroclan A part of the resistance that opposes Hatch's plans to take over the world.

Michael Vey: Battle of the Ampere - Richard Paul Evans

This book had new characters and a expected plot twist but it was a good book. Michael will have to free his friends then find a way to stop Hatch, but the organization behind the mysterious voice that has guided him to this point has been compromised.

I'm glad I read it so I can talk about it with my younger reading friends, but overall - I don't imagine there will really be much to talk about. Hatch tries to do it almost always turns back on him.

Wade was the only one that he had, he was his pupil, his leader, a little brother to him, if you will. The Elgen try to disrupt their plans to rule the world. These fhe are a little predictable now.

Battle of the Ampere

Imagine having electricity powers. Oct 21, Katie W rated it really liked it Shelves: Granted, I didn't predict the Jade Dragon, but everything else? Resistance The Resistance aampere Hatch's plans.

From there, they are taken in trucks to be taken to Lima for trial. Abi and Ian return as well, and at the closing of the book, The Electroclan are given a new quest- find and rescue child prodigy Lin Yulong translation: Rise of the Elgen ] left off.

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It was so predictable that some of the group would abandon Ampee and his loyal friends, and also predictable that some would also come back. Half of these teens took down a superyacht, and also took down an entire power plant, just by themselves.

Jan 23, Jason King added it. It is very, very detailed, and almost puts the reader into the action. You would think there would be better security to protect the board and that they would have a hidden amepre to protect themselves nearby, something to defend themselves.

This cover is gorgeous too!

Jaime, Tessa, and Michael destroy the camp and hike away to prevent amperw Elgen from learning anything. I thought they would have been present for the final battle. Return to Book Page. Feb 08, Angel Rosales rated it it was amazing. The Electroclan rescues them, but Wade is killed by a stray Elgen Guard.

Battle of the Ampere (Michael Vey, #3) by Richard Paul Evans

View all 9 comments. In the next major event, the Electroclan manage to get on the Ampere, and sneakily blow up the ship, but not before reuniting with the rest of the clan, as they had "abandoned" them to have a normal life, for a short time. They will have to confront Hatch yet again. What's going to happen to the rest of the group?? Michael Vey series ; 3.

Michael Vey: Battle of the Ampere

I cannot believe anyone would like and trust him enough to follow him. See all 6 questions about Battle of the Ampereā€¦.

Wade dies after being shot by an Elgen guard while saving Jack.

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