Cold war kids hang me up to dry

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Release Date January 27, I think it refers specifically to a black kid who has been "wrung out to dry" by racism. The album centers around robbers and cowards making confessions to the listener, or hanging up their dirty laundry. This song is far from an innuendo. In their youth the characters in this album all enjoyed sinning splashing around in the muck and mire.

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General Comment "we used to vacation" alludes to alcohol addiction remission.

Again, a sexual reference. Mastered by Ted Jensen.

Willet is making a remark on how deep man's sin problem runs. It's easy to miss, because it's a pretty skillful interplay of symbols, but other songs on the album share this theme. Or Perhaps he's fallen carelessly in love with her, while mw just prancing along not really giving a damn; She's just having a good time.

Directed by The Malloysthe video plays like an avant-garde film trailer where it's shot in black and white and shows made up film review quotes and festival awards.

Hang Me Up to Dry - Wikipedia

Retrieved April 9, And because the tendency to convince oneself one is someone else is a childish tendency. Archived from the original on April 2, Flag dharmazkarma on May 25, At least that's my take. Articles with kp microformats.

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The line "mud caked deep in the knees" is definitely suggestive, just the idea of mud on knees suggests kneeling and sexual favors ensuingand the crevice of a knee joint being pact with mud can be taken as rather explicit sexual ddry. An accompanying music video for the song was directed by The Malloys and plays out like a trailer for an avant-garde film.

He's telling the "you" that he's been wrung out-- twisted, warped, robbed of juices over and over and over again. General Comment I'm pretty sure from diagnosing every amazing lyric of this song that it's about a guy being lead on by a girl but of course "you've wrung me out too many times" she keeps bringing him down but he is not sure if he's going to give up on her yet.

Retrieved April 1, For some reason, though, I want to take the "pearly as the whites of your jang to mean I'm just like you now. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Cold War Kids :: Hang Me Up to Dry [CHRRADIO_]

Add your thoughts 91 Comments. Again, he's aware of how confusing the situation is "mixed up in the wash".

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Hang Me Up to Dry

People tend to underestimate CWK's lyrics, but they're actually quite meaningful. This song is ro from an innuendo. Views Read Edit View history. Anyone else feel me? He is exhausted and worn out and just wants her to be only his.

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