Dd-wrt repeater firmware

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When a client wants to connect to the extender, this is the SSID it will use. Click on the Wireless Security tab. When you want to connect to this router, rather than the primary one, you'll connect to this SSID. The section will expand. In a dual-band router, the second band is the 5GHz band, and not all mobile devices support it.

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Follow steps 1 through 6. And now firmsare should be all done. If your mobiles only work in the 2. We won't go through setting up DD-WRT again here — but you can check out this article or head to the website for a guide. Under the main router setup pane you'll see a button to Add a Virtual Interface. It's very simple to set up. It's here that we'll be configuring dd-wgt as a router bridge. This will set up a our second "virtual" wireless network.

The new network will appear on your list of available networks when your browse WiFi networks, and you can connect to whichever is better for you in the moment. Click on the Wireless Security tab. This brings up a window that shows you all the wireless networks visible in your area.

See more Networking how-to. Hopefully it should note that you've successfully joined the network as a client.

When dd-wrt client wants to connect to the extender, this is the SSID it will use. We still have to extend the network. But what if you have a dual band router? It can be the same as or different from your primary wireless network.

Click on Repeaetr again when you're done. It's absolutely possible to set it up so that one band connects back to the main router, while the other provides the extended network.

Click on Save and Apply. DD-WRT, in case you missed it, is an open source router firmware alternative, replacing the factory firmware that your router came with an adding a whole host of features.

In a dual-band router, the second band is the 5GHz band, and not all mobile devices support it. Set up the router as a client to your main network. Of course, your client devices need to be able to talk to this second band. But instead of creating a virtual interface in step 7, we're just going to use the second band.

How to turn a router into a range extender | TechRadar

Remember we need to secure the "virtual" wireless network as well. However, we're not quite done.

If it furmware, you should now have internet access you may have to head back to Wireless and click Apply Settings, or reboot the router for it to kick in. One of those features is the ability to reconfigure your old or new wireless router as a bridge and a repeater. Click on Wireless Security and look for the Virtual Interfaces section.

Dd-rt that you don't actually need to fill in the SSID field it will be done automatically when we complete step 6but for reference it will need to have the exact same SSID as your primary network.

Now we just need to connect to the primary network. You've effectively created a wired-to-wireless bridge. The section will expand.

Essentially, this router is talking to your primary router over wireless, which is what we were after.

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