Evolution plugin for after effects

By | 17.09.2018

From the Mask menus, choose the source, destination, and boundary masks. Stiff distorts the least, while Super Fluid distorts the most. To vary wave speed over time, set this control to 0, and then create a keyframe for the Ripple Phase property of the layer. Use the Reconstruction tool and its modes to reverse distortions or redo them in new ways.

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Creates scatter or noise in the image as the image enlarges. Each point is specified as x,y. Use the Reconstruction tool and its modes to reverse distortions evloution redo them in new ways.

You can also set the radius values by dragging the selection handles in the layer. Animating this property results in flashing from one set of fractal shapes to another within the same fractal typewhich is not usually the result that you want. Linear requires two or more keyframes and performs a straight-line interpolation between the keyframes.

Documentation for Evolution Plugins? : Adobe After Effects

For example, an x,y coordinate of 2,3 becomes a polar coordinate with a radius of 2 and a degree of 3. Original upper-leftand with variations of Bulge applied lower-left and right. Use Warp to distort or deform layers.

Keep the boundary mask as far as possible from the source and destination masks to avoid foldovers. If Discrete produces undesired results, choose another method.


The opacity of the magnified area, as a percentage of the opacity of the original layer. Specifies what part of the image is reshaped.

If the distortion appears twisted, try adding more correspondence points at distinguishing points along the masks. You can also animate the original position of the source mask in the Layer panel. The Transform effect applies two-dimensional geometric transformations to a layer. The mask that determines the shape of the final image. Specifies the distance, in pixels, between wave peaks. Also, for all of your graphic needs, try GraphicStock, where you can search over hundreds of thousands of vectors, photosiconstemplatesinfographics and more!

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The Evopution state continues to progress infinitely at each new value. The Liquify effect can extend beyond the boundaries of the target layer. Because distortion evolutiob this effect is significant, After Effects uses special anti-aliasing techniques to produce the highest-quality image.

The amount of time between Evolution keyframes determines the timing of the Evolution cycles. The Polar Coordinates effect distorts a layer by transposing each pixel in the x,y coordinate system of the layer to the corresponding position in the polar coordinate system, or the reverse.

If the arc lengths of the curves between correspondence points effefts too different, twisting may result. These points appear in the Composition effefts and control the interpolation of the distortion through space. Animating this setting results in changes of the turbulence over time. How evoluttion the twirl extends from the twirl center. The Offset effect pans the image within a layer. Controls the distance the ripples travel from the center point. If you plugon to use the control layer with its effects, precompose it.

Cross Displacement warps the image both vertically and horizontally. The radius of the magnified area is equal to the Magnification value a percentage times the Size value. Specifies a value from which to generate the fractal noise.

Pushes pixels forward as you drag. The blending mode used to combine the magnified area with the original layer.

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