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We can create light effects by painting with soft brushes and setting layers to a Screen or Add mode. For things like earrings and hair ornaments, model the elements and then combine them to create each accessory, this adds a consistent style by having repeating patterns across the model. For the long strands of hair in the back draw the main shapes using CV curves. Then extrude the hole in the bottom of the head to create the neck.

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Duplicate the finger and place them around the palm, scaling each one to its proper size.

Step 09 — Add the skirt and accessories The skirt is created in two parts, the folds can be easily created characetr using a cylinder and pulling out vertices to create the folds. Add some clavicle detail on the body since it is a part of the body that will not be fully covered by cloth. Step 14 — Pose the model Create a basic skeleton in Maya, drawing the joints from the hips up to the nodel of the head, then legs and arms.

For the final eyes we start with a sphere, extruding and sculpting the bulge on the front that is useful to catch highlights pleasantly. Keeping the original mesh of the hair without deleting history in the curves lets you modify the polymesh directly to tweak the hair and transfer those changes to the hair system. Step 05 — Build the arms, legs and feet The arms and legs are cylinders too, but with the edges extruded. Now extrude the edges of the sides and the top to the back of the head, this will leave room at the bottom to extrude the neck.

For the long strands of hair in the back draw the main shapes using CV curves. Step 12 — Finish the hairstyle Next step is creating two hair systems, one for the head and another for the long strands.

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While there are tons of different methods, here we show you a quick and flexible way to define a hairstyle without worrying too much about technical aspects so you can focus more on the shape, silhouette and other creative aspects. For the same reason, we will render the scenario and the character in separate render layers using a bit EXR format.

Its ease of use will let you quickly grow some plants and throw some rocks on the ground.

Step 11 — Detail the hairstyle Use the taper and twist functions in the Extrude options and sculpt the resulting mesh to get variations in volume and shape. For both parts always check from both views to get the desired shape.

Using references is a good way to know where those tones suit better. Autodesk cartoon characters Master Maya modelling Mudbox Photoshop texturing. The main areas and widths that we want to define here for the arm are the biceps, elbow, forearm and wrist; and for the leg the width of the thigh, knee, calf and ankle.

Moving chagacter Mudbox, paint the textures of the character.

We can create light effects by painting with soft brushes and setting layers to a Screen or Add mode. There are free scripts on Creative Crash that can automate this process. Step 18 — Lighting The light rig consists of four lights: Step 08 — Charactsr the dress We create the dress by using a duplicate of the body, this way we will make sure it will fit with no major effort.

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The main shape of the torso is basically a cylinder. Most of the silhouettes of the objects were solved with pure polygon modelling, so at this point, bake some normal maps of the cloth to get all the folding details. Use glossy refractions objects, which will become blurred when seen through the fabric. Now paint more maps such as a deep Scatter, Specular and Glossiness map. The fabric material uses some ramps to define transparency and colour, so that it charscter more transparent and is at a glancing angle.

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Step 04 — Build the torso The main shape of the torso is basically a cylinder. We will add a simple terrain which we can sculpt and detail in Mudbox.

We subdivide the dress a couple of times, sculpt the 3c in the fabric and fix interpenetrations between elements. The ear is modelled in parts, starting with a simple row of polygons shaped as a spiral section. We will work with MayaMudbox and Photoshopbut most of the technical aspects and all of the artistic parts can be done in any other equivalent software.

You will need to do this for all the necessary curves.

This tutorial covers a basic workflow used for creating a female cartoon pin-up, it covers areas such as a basic way to 3e a model and important ones such as creating hair. Once extracted, we need to get rid of the breast details and close the dress more naturally. Then, build eight blocks of hair by extruding a circular plane along the curves.

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