Atlas of acupuncture points with formulas

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For the student and doctor. After the sphere had been positioned onto a reference point as described in by the WHO, 5 the three coordinate values in the model were recorded for later use. The opacity of OpenGL was used properly in the other parts to visualize the relationships between the acupuncture points and the skeletal structure. Published by Elsevier GmbH. For locating acupoints on the skin's surface, the principles and methods, the WHO's standard acupuncture point location guidelines 5 was adopted according to the WHO's descriptions, in which three combined methods were used to locate acupoints:

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Nikolaidis N, Pitas I. Extraordinary points non-meridian points with indications. The obtained 3D surface models were made viewable on a computer by using the OpenGL program. Open in a separate window.

Based on the projective 2D descriptions of the standard acupuncture points, the volumetric 3D acupoint model was developed; it was extracted from the X-ray CT images. J Korea Contents Assn.

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Recently, traditional medicine has set off in a quest for modernization through collaborations between different regions interregionaldifferent business sectors intersectoraland different areas of knowledge interdisciplinary. Most positions of the acupoints on the posterior aspect were determined by using the positions of the spinal forkulas, information that can be extracted from the skeletal structure. One of the most frequently used acupoints is ST 36 Zusanli on the anterior aspect of the leg between the two reference acupoints ST 35 and ST Localization of acupuncture points BL25 and BL26 using computed tomography.

Synchrotron radiation phase-contrast X-ray CT imaging of acupuncture points. Some of the formulae are shown to be applicable in terms of the coordinates in the reference frame.

Treatment of musculoskeletal injuries with Laser Therapy pointss 50 formulas. These regions have such large spatial curvatures in the shape of the body's skin that they do not show the systematic structures shown in the anterior and the posterior aspects of the trunk and the top of the head.

The acupoints around the top of the head were determined by using two reference points: Determining the reference points started with putting a sphere, in the 3D virtual model, that could be moved to any position by pressing some character buttons on the computer's keyboard. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Gormulas all the other reference points Global trends and performances of acupuncture research.

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Korean J Oriental Med. All the acupoints can be labeled by using the names of 14 meridians: Based on those methods, this research was particularly focused on how to position the anatomical landmarks from the skeletal structure and the skin's surface and how to represent poibts proportional features between the acupoints and the anatomical landmarks. A second limitation of this current research is that the method may not cover some acupuncture protocols, for example, the Hara diagnosis in which the acupoints are located by radial pulse changes.

The formulae look like those in linear algebra, but have restrictions that the points be on the skin's surface.

Conclusion There are twenty-four auricular acupuncturr points sharing the same name atlad similar locations, and twenty-five sub-areas or points which share the auricular anatomical name with different reflexed parts of the body and different pointx effects. What's the original concept of meridian and acupuncture point in Oriental medicine?

Pulse diagnosis locations and 28 characteristics of the pulses. After the sphere had been positioned onto a reference point as described in by the WHO, 5 the three coordinate values in the model were recorded for later use.

Digital data from a healthy Korean male with a normal body shape were obtained in the form of cross-sectional images generated by X-ray computed tomography CTand the 3D models for the bones and the skin's surface were created through the image-processing steps.

Acupuncture Charts and Books. Three-dimensional views with positioned acupoints from the A medial aspect of the foot to the tibial aspect of the leg and on the B fibular aspect of the leg.

The lack of consensus on the specific locations of the acupoints may result from a lack of proper tools for specifying the acupoints.

Atlas of Acupuncture Points Guide to Point Locations and Formulas

Find articles by Jungdae Kim. Formulax The author J. The location of the acupoints associated with the locomotor system, including shoulder, wrist, elbow, finger, pelvis and buttock, were similar.

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