Battlefield 3 latest patch

By | 16.08.2018

The L85 differs from other bullpup style ARs by having a low rate of fire, the accuracy and controllability were too low to offset the rate of fire. The DAO has a high magazine capacity with a slow reload that makes it a solid all around shotgun. Reset, update, or link your account information. Primarily this means 1 less shot to the front, and very good hits to the side can result in a 1 hit to disable.

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The recoil in full auto has been reduced somewhat to offset this penalty and make the AN94 more attractive. We try to deal with one problem per question.

Take Survey Larest, Thanks. Having trouble connecting to your game? Welcome to Battlefield 1! Reduced recoil and drift, recoil settle times now similar to other carbines.

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I look forward to many more stories of that kind. The built in foregrip is now properly reflected in the weapon's stats. The PP's high initial recoil was over penalizing the burst fire needed to be effective on the low damage, high capacity weapon.

Reduced the total pellets fired from 12 to 9. PC -The M Mortar can no longer be deployed in an area that is out of combat for another team like a home base or other protected spawn. The USAS 12 has a higher ROF than other shotguns, this recoil change better balances that advantage and the pellets balance its damage output.

Try these steps first to clear up any problems you may have when connecting to an EA game. This will increase the effectiveness of the Heavy Barrel for small bursts, as originally intended.

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The Battlefield 4 CTE has served its purpose patcb there is no further development for Battlefield 4, therefore we will be ending the service on March 6th, Tapped Out The Simpsons: Added an initial recoil. Paste the game data to the folder above. Please accept solutions if they are correct and press the XP button if somebody helped you.

Reduced the total recoil but increased muzzle drift and initial recoil.

Battlefield 3 PC patch available

The L85 differs from other bullpup style ARs by having a low rate of fire, the accuracy and controllability were too low lateest offset the rate of fire. Increased vertical recoil, reduced first shot recoil, reduced accuracy on the move. The AKM sacrifices rate of fire for controllable automatic fire, the initial recoil was negatively affecting the feeling of controllability.

Several weapons have had recoil or accuracy adjusted in orer to balance these weapons in effectiveness and also increase the feeling of individuality in each gun -M27 IAR: At first, download and install the latest version of Origin at www. Take Survey No, Thanks.

This allows players to see where the slug lands before reloading. For most guns this means very little change, for guns which have a large horizontal recoil the change is more substation.

Ppatch the Summer Missions 1 year ago. For specific instructions on how to open your ports, please visit http: The HK53 is a short carbine with a lot of initial kick but a stable recoil pattern and a medium rate of abttlefield.

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Join the Summer Missions 1 year ago The exact penalty amount is a weapon specific value. Join the Summer Missions. As we have moved on from Battlefield 4 to focus on other titles there is no longer any ptach content to be tested on the Battlefield 4 CTE.

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