Beating the blues

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But this course is unusual because I didn't have to leave my desk or even talk to another human being. It was easy for me to recognise it as a false belief - but I'm not confident that knowing that is any help when this irrational feeling strikes me down. It is no substitute for a real face-to-face session with a counsellor, but in the absence of the necessary resources - and with some 10 million people reporting mental health problems - Beating the Blues is not an entirely worthless stab at countering an intractable problem. The session explains how emotions are not simply results of events but of interpretations of events, which can, with proper training, be changed to be more helpful or realistic.

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They couldn't get a grip on their lives, they blamed themselves for everything, they couldn't take on goals, and they thought they were failures.

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Download Beating the Blues Referral Form. So I logged on to my first session with some trepidation. A new study from Platform 51 formerly the YWCAa charity named after the fact 51 per cent of the population is female, reported that almost a third of women in the UK have taken antidepressants. After I completed the ladder, I uncovered the "belief" that I was "possibly damaged in childhood to the extent of being rendered unlovable". If you are registered with a Medical Practice, or you are currently receiving care within the NHS, you just need to discuss whether this programme would be suitable for you and request that they make a referral in order for you to be issued with an activation code.

I was asked to find evidence both for and against my negative automatic thoughts NATs.

I unkindly branded them as - to use a non-clinical term - "losers". Michael Terman of Columbia University says when light hits the retina of the eye chemical messages are sent to the hypothalamus in the brain, regulating activities including appetite, energy levels and mood. In order to use Beating the Blues you will need JavaScript enabled.

Beating The Blues

It's not, it is emphasised, about "empty positive thinking", but about the distorted thoughts that depressed people tend to generate. Our service directory provides listings of key organisations in North and South Lanarkshire and nationally.

Try to do at bllues one shared activity, whether going out for a meal, going to the cinema or simply going for a walk. The minimum requirements to use Beating the Blues are a download speed of kbps and an upload speed of kbps. For me, depression is like a toxic black cloud that manifests from nowhere and wrecks my rational thought processes. NHS professionals, including GP practice staff and mental health professionals can arrange for you to have access to this programme.

Enter your activation code into the website, and start doing your first session. It was pointed out that people who are depressed "give away" their successes, crediting them to luck or outside sources.

Seven secrets to beating the blues

It was the final sessions, however, that had the most resonance. Please install the latest bsating of Beaying Flash Player. I was introduced by a honey-voiced computer to five other "co-sufferers" - Andrew, Elaine, Jean, Bob and Heather - who were going to share my journey. In order to use Beating the Blues you need to be logged in. I doubt that every situation is so crudely open to re-interpretation, but I can see that when you are depressed you can get into bluues habits of thought that reinforce your depression, and a tool like this could be useful in countering it.

But the computer program suggests it can be achieved by blyes simply by asking repeatedly what your problem "means". I tried to record these over the following week but found it difficult, besting because a lot of my negative emotions don't seem to correlate with thoughts - at least, not thoughts that I am able to put into words. Being asked to keep a success record seemed like a good way of reclaiming a positive awareness of yourself.

Download Patient Information Sheet. If beting think you haven't done something perfectly then you've failed, or if your clothes are less than immaculate you see yourself as a wreck. I began to break down at work. My GP signed me off work for two weeks and prescribed antidepressants.

What does that mean to him? Andrew and his cheerless bunch of pals just seemed browned off rather than properly depressed - unhappy as opposed to "ill". Then Christmas came and I hit another low and took an overdose. This is how you go about putting together your world view - to put it simply, whether you are a glass half-full or glass half-empty person.

The other thinking errors - Jumping to Conclusions negative conclusion when there is little or no evidenceCatastrophising exaggerating your problemsOvergeneralising thinking that if an unpleasant thing happened before it would happen againand Should Statements being a fierce task master who sets very high standards for themselves and others - were less familiar in myself, but very familiar in some people I know.

Finding A Service Our service directory provides listings of key organisations in North and South Lanarkshire and nationally.

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