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By | 20.08.2018

We are going to write relevance that will search all of the keys under the Uninstall keys for Visual Studio Code. Determine Installer Type From the VirusTotal analysis page , look for signs of the installer type, primarily under the File detail tab, but also the Additional Information tab. Find the Visual Studio Code uninstall key, which should be located under one of the following:.

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At this point, make sure Visual Studio Code is installed on the test machines and opens successfully, because it should! This should return a result of 1, which relevacne the relevance is properly detecting the existence of the installed software.

Adding exists in front of the relevance in place of number of would cause the relevance to only be TRUE on systems that already have Visual Studio Code installed.

Add a description of some sort, like: Find the Visual Studio Code uninstall key, which should be located under one of the following:. To that point, if some type of authentication can be performed similar to the console, the rights could be assigned based on their role in the console.

The software will start to download in the browser after a few seconds. The Analysis lets me see the results of that relevance query across many or all machines. Add one of the relevance statements from the previous step. Click OK to save your edits.

Create Bigfix Content To Install Windows Software From Scratch

This is the folder that BigFix will run the action from, so all paths need to be relative to this folder. Click OK to deploy it to this test machine. I then add more and more and more analysis properties as I refine my relevance.

However either 1 or 2 would be great. Step 9 can be difficult if you are not used to writing relevancd, but it is really what makes BigFix so powerful, and is luckily very similar for all windows software. This extra testing is rarely needed, but good to keep in mind.

My current situation does not prohibit me from logging into other systems with the same OS as my workstation to do testing. Click OK to send the action to the test machine. This means denugger file has been successfully downloaded by the root server.

I think we already have all, or nearly all, of the pieces we need for this in the form of the Client Compliance API.

This is the opposite of what we want. Once that is completed, click the VirusTotal to Prefetch bookmarklet to generate the prefetch statement. Copy the generated prefetch statement and save it. After thinking about it one Stanford use case would we are asked by jr.

Create Bigfix Content To Install Windows Software From Scratch

In this case, the URL is https: This relevance will only be applicable TRUE on machines that already have Visual Studio Code installed, but only if it is an older version. Visual Studio Code 1. Click OK to save the Fixlet. This is actually sufficient for detecting if Visual Studio Code is installed or not and could be used in our fixlet to only install Visual Studio Code if it is not already installed by using the following relevance:.

On the newly created Fixlet, click the Take Dsbugger button. In this case, you should end up here: To go a step further, what if we wanted to install this version of Visual Studio Code if it is not already installed OR an older version is installed?

Just to clarify this more as there is a lot the Fixlet Debugger can do what rdlevance give the most functionality. When it comes to writing relevance to parse a file, I get a copy of that file either with the real debugher fake data, then figure out how to parse it using relevance on windows, then just change the path to point to the file on Linux and test it through an Analysis.

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There are a few different ways to do this for EXE installers. It should contain Microsoft Visual Studio Code. The software installer is downloaded to bigfix clients using a prefetch statement, which includes the file size, sha1, sha, and download URL.

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