Cnbc house of cards documentary

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And that, in turn, led to a situation which everyone around the globe is now paying attention to: The mantra on Wall Street was that home prices nationwide had not gone down in a single year since the great depression. Those homebuyers would have the option to pay only part of the interest they owed each month. Editing by Dean Goodman at Reuters. The program had a name only a banker could love:

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We were allowing people to leverage their homes a little bit too much.

See here for a complete list of exchanges and delays. My credits for the show include another Act, exploring the effect on Narvik, Norway, and additional editing for most of the interviews, web extras and teases. Just one month later, then-Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan encouraged the cmbc industry to come up with new kinds of loans — so even more people could buy homes. It was delightful working with Keith Morrison's voice, and od footage and photos. Popular stories currently unavailable Top videos Popular videos currently unavailable.

CNBC probes financial crisis in "House of Cards"

Channels are a simple, beautiful way to showcase and watch videos. Francis asked CNBC not to disclose his employer's name. The mantra on Wall Street was that home prices nationwide had not gone down in a single year hiuse the great depression.

And that, in turn, led to a situation which everyone around the globe fards now paying attention to: It was so fun working with this amazing footage, to-the-point script, and post team at Terra Multimedia.

The result of that failure of attention was a massive failure to accurately judge the risks of mortgage-backed securities.

Mary Helen Doyle's clips

CNBC correspondent Cnbf Faber has gathered an impressive collection of those who participated in and provoked the financial nosedive, several of whom clearly are purging their own demons in agreeing to go on camera.

Uploaded 5 years ago 23 Plays 0 Likes 0 Comments. Inin the midst of the housing boom, President George Bush had a chance to do a little bragging in his State of the Union Address.

Faber pins down former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, who has been accused of setting the table for the collapse with his persistent reductions in the prime rate. House of Cards An in-depth look at docujentary housing bust that has upended the American dream Below: Answers On Innovation Thomson Reuters.

The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

CNBC: How housing boom was a house of cards - Business - CNBC TV | NBC News

In time, that led to the collapse of the housing market. At that time, when home prices surged and virtually no borrowers defaulted, she said, triple B-rated securities from mortgages looked as good as the safe triple As. Uploaded 5 years ago 40 Plays 0 Likes 0 Dicumentary. View rates in your area. The Future of Autos. We interwove the complicated stories about the victim and murderer, with new interviews, video and tracks.

The key to getting investors to buy those mortgage-backed securities was to get them stamped with a seal of approval.

"CNBC Originals" House of Cards (TV Episode ) - IMDb

Producer James Segelstein, Exec. In addition, I edited all the show teases, web extra videos, and much of the show interviews. Homeownership rates are at the highest ever.

Online editors, Patrick Ahearn, Lisa Orlando. Most active discussions votes comments. Uploaded 5 years ago Plays 0 Likes 0 Comments.

I edited this act, focused on the California housing bubble. Joseph Mason, an expert on the rating agencies who teaches hose at Wharton and at Louisiana State University, points out that awarding good ratings became a huge engine for earnings at the agencies.

I was responsible for editing this Act, Kathy Giusti's journey from cancer diagnosis to chbc a research foundation.

His business was to pool mortgages and sell them to investors who would then get the monthly payments those mortgages produced. House of Cards Open in new window.

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