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View or edit Lync options Quick Reference More information. Join a Lync Meeting 1. To pause a shared application:

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Join a Lync Meeting. Check the application s to begin sharing. Use Lync full audio. Participants can also right-click on their own name to demote themselves from Presenter back to participant. Then you can schedule your online Meeting using Outlook just like you schedule More information.

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Please note that recording and archiving incurs additional charges. Who can help me with that? See the details on the web site click here.

How to Organize and Start a GoToMeeting Videoconference In orider to organize a meeting and invite others to the video conference, Organizers must first use a GoToMeeting account and then download the. Log in Chairperson 3 III. Show presentation, share application etc.

Genesys Meeting Center | InterCall

To exit Region Share, click the X on the top right corner of the window. Can I access the audioconference from my meetimg telephone? Once my conference has ended, can the participants reopen the conference at a later time? Copyright Ryder System.

Genesys Meeting Center then dials out to both moderators and participants to begin the call.

Go to More information. It improves your meeting More information.

Genesys Meeting Center User Guide

Another common source of the problem could meetnig a bad line connection from one of the callers. It improves your meeting. All participants are muted and cannot unmute themselves. Right-click the name of the participant you wish to promote.

Your participants are not required to download the application to join your meeting. Click the slide preview thumbnails or use the forward and back buttons to navigate through your presentation. Click Stop to end the csnter.

Active speaker icon The participant or moderator is currently speaking, or it may indicate background noise coming from this line. August 7th, More information. Select the survey, quiz or poll from the control panel and click Send.

So you meet more productively and more often without the time and expense of travel Use Genesys Meeting Center for: You can click the shared application to hide the control panel. Click Pause next to Sharing at the top right corner of the screen.

Systems must meet the following requirements when using the Matrix WebConnect service: Participants simply click the link to join the meeting.

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Our awardwinning technology integrates fully-automated voice conferencing with easy-to-use web conferencing and desktop video, turning your PC into a universal communications tool.

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