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Although she advocates pacifism, Relena allows Heero and Noin to form a small defense force of mobile suits to defend the country. Noin and Quatre leave for space while Heero loses control of the Gundam Epyon and continues to destroy the mobile dolls. Lady Une announces the surrender of the World Nation to the moderate colony leaders in the wake of Treize's death, who agree with her proposal that the war must end. Anime and Manga portal.

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Nunnally in Wonderland Code Geass: Episode lists with unformatted air dates Episode list using the default LineColor. When OZ carriers arrive to arrest him, Zechs decides to surrender to them in order to allow Relena and Noin to escape, while Trowa uses the Wing Gundam to pick up Heero and escape as well.

Zechs arrives in the Sanc Kingdom too late and is devastated - he in the Wing Gundam Zero ends up fighting Heero in the Gundam Epyonbut the battle ends in a draw and they exchange Gundams before parting ways again.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Glory of the Losersin July The Alliance is overturned from within and OZ takes over as the new ruling power. Duo and Quatre arrive to attack the base's ground transportation route which is revealed to be a decoywng Heero and Trowa attack the base's aerial route.

The Movie Love Live! No dirrct is able to prevent the Mariemaia Army from seizing control of Earth using their new Serpent mobile suits. This Alliance oppresses the colonies with its vast military might.

Heero sees the battle on television and goes to find and kill Duo, but ends up rescuing him instead. Heero uses his Gundam to fight back believing the enemy suits gudam come to get him and ends up saving Relena, much to his own disbelief. In the year After ColonyYuy is shot dead by an assassin, forcing dieect colonies to search for other paths to peace.

Shounen Gekiha Dan — Inuyasha: The voice casting was more difficult to do than the ones from previous series due to the different atmosphere.

Duo finds the Gundam engineers while Dorothy reveals her own tragedies as she attempts to prove to Quatre in a fencing duel on Libra that war is the only way peace will be understood. Retrieved November 10, Odd Numbers [3] ".

CS1 uses Japanese-language script ja CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Use mdy dates from January Pages using deprecated image syntax Dircet containing Japanese-language text Webarchive template wayback links. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.

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Treize visits a comatose Lady Une and reveals that he must bring about the peace because the burden would be too great for Relena. Non-Stop Rabi Patlabor: Retrieved December 16, This page was last edited on 6 Juneat Zechs accepts an offer from Quinze to become the leader of White Fang.

Noin finds Heero and Trowa and takes them to Antarctica, where Zechs is completing the reconstruction of the Wing Gundam for their intended rematch. Wufei fights mobile dolls and gets a rematch with Treize, questioning if Treize understands justice and the consequences of his actions. December Sky Accel World: A recap episode from the point of view of Treize and Lady Une.

Relena attempts to reason with Zechs as her shuttle approaches Libra, but he orders the firing of Libra's cannon on Earth as a direct challenge to Aing. Even Numbers [3] ".

This page was last edited on 12 Septemberat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gundam After Colony timeline AC He was cast due to his work with Ikeda in Samurai Troopers. The operation involves five teenage boys, who have each been chosen and trained by each of the five scientists, then sent to Earth independently in extremely advanced mobile suits one designed by each of the scientists known as "Gundams" called such because they are constructed from a rare and astonishingly durable material called Gundanium alloy, which can only be created in outer space.

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