Age of empires 2 new campaigns

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So many scenarios are a just a mix-mash of fixed force and RPG ie guide a small group of men across a huge map that it is just really tedious and boring. This item has been added to your Favorites. Thanks so much for this! See all 11 collections some may be hidden. I could only force myself to play up until the 4th mission of Allaric before I couldn't do it anymore.

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I always wanted to play with the maps and scenarios from the original game!

Age of Empires Heaven :: Age of Empires: Single Player Campaigns

Maybe you don't like Alaric but you should still try one of the other campaigns then. Doomed World Aug 23, 4: They are divided into zips of roughly 1,3 MB each, so that each of them fits on one floppy disk. The only sad thing is that it's only 3 scenarios. The graphical images and content enclosed with this document are viewable for private use only.

Not Happy With New Campaigns :: Age of Empires II: HD Edition General Discussions

Submit a new text post. A custom 3-scenario campaign, focussing on the major empres in the life of Grand Prince Ivan III of Muscovywho is generally considered by historians to be the most crucial precipitant of the Tsardom of Russia.

HD Edition Store Page. Oct 20, 1: But you also probably shouldn't play them on hard. Talk about misleading your audience, if there had been any kind of indication that this expansion was made by amatuer modders and wouldn't include any of the quality assets such as proper introductions and voice-work, I wouldn't agge bought this.


A collection of 3 items created by. What a bad decision. And god StarCraft 2 had an awful campaign. Family Values History of an Egyption family throught the centuries Part 1.

Reposted from an old thread - only forum I've been on where recently commented threads aren't pushed to the front of the page Yeah I'm really dissapointed in the campaigns as well. I havent played all of them but enjoyed playing York, Honfoglalas and Dos Pilas. Voice-acting would be great, but if I had to choose between additional scenarios like the battle of the forgotten - scenarios and voice-acting, I would definitely choose the first one.

You need to rethink what you really want from the game, wheather is that a compelling campain with a story, or maybe a simple slaughted, or maybe something in-between. Artificial IntelligenceCampaignsGraphicsMovies. Age of Empires II: Disciples II normal campains already featured a lot of triggers and events, and user made maps pushed that even further, even normal maps had numerous triggers and a story-driven game, game used it for great extend.

Stronghold and Crusader was trying to make more empiires scenarios even though game did not had a lot of ways to do that. Just finished the first scenario. Also, usually more detailed level design.

Emoires available on AOK Heaven: Single Player Campaigns Rise of Rome: I always wanted to play a good slavic campaign.

Doomed World Apr 13, 7: I'm having a hard time understanding why you feel a need to keep jumping in this thread only to say "Sorry you didn't like the campaign, but a lot of people did".

Maybe because I've played also many campaigns from aokheaven, I was more used to the some rpg and ff style-scenarios I can recommend Tamerlane and Macbeth, which I played. Pedro de Valdivia AoFE campaign in spanish: I kind of expected a more professional approach to this expansion when Microsoft is putting their name on the box, charging money for their product, and calling it a full fledged expansion!

Scen 3 looks pretty sprawling too, looking forward to exploring that!.

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