Asp net compiler

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It is generally unsafe to use this option for a site that relies on code blocks in. If you do not specify the -aptca switch, your assembly cannot be called by the ASP. The compiler creates new files to contain the markup with the same name as the source files.

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Compilation for deployment can be performed in one of two ways: For more information, see ASP. Compilation Tool (

The virtualPath parameter indicates the Internet Information Services IIS virtual path of your Web site; the targetPath parameter indicates a physical path to the directory for the compiled Web site; and keyFile.

Use this option to compile a Web site that has already been deployed to a production server. The nested application must be compiled separately. NET compiles the compilet.

NET Compilation tool will do the following: By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. The tool compiles only the new or changed files unless you include the -c option.

ASP.NET Compilation Overview

These files are compiled like dynamic files. You can specify which directories are compiled into single assemblies in the Compilation section of the Web. For information about how compiker create a key file or key container file, see How to: If the -u option is omitted, the tool also creates files with the file name extension.

I can definately see the compilation going on - warnings about Obsolete methods usage.

ASP.NET Compilation Tool (Aspnet_compiler.exe)

To ensure that the directory structure of the application source is preserved, the tool generates placeholder files in the corresponding locations in the target application. Collapse the table of content.

Specifies that the application to be compiled should be fully rebuilt. If -p is also specified, the value of the accompanying physicalPath parameter is used to locate the application to be compiled. Servers and Enterprise Development. These files are not compiled.

The compiled Web application is created in the directory c: The tool that provides the following precompilation options: Modification of resource files after compilation is not supported.

NET Framework versions side-by-side, multiple versions of the tool might be installed. We appreciate your feedback. These files are not compiled and are moved to the output directories as is and not compiled. Specifies the full IIS metabase path of the application to be compiled.

The following command compiles the WebService2 service under the default metabase path, overwriting the SampleWebService target directory with the compiled commpiler. Delay Signing an Assembly.

Error (Forbidden)

There are many benefits to compiling application code including: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. You can also recompile an application in place after adding new source files to it.

The following table describes how the ASP. NET automatically compiles your application code and any dependent resources the first time a user requests a resource from the Web site. Components that have already been compiled are compiled again.

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