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A radically different approach has been that of Trilby by David Jonathan Ross, who has written on the history of the genre. Besley's original Clarendon design was quite compressed, unlike most later 'Clarendons' intended for display setting, which are often quite wide. Besley registered the typeface in under Britain's Ornamental Designs Act of It began, possibly around in Britain, as a parody of the elegant Didone types of the period.

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A variety of Clarendon revivals have been made since the original design, often adapting the design to different widths and weights.

Since then, Canada Type has brought forth a comprehensive and popular library of typefaces that accommodate a variety of aesthetic tastes. For specimen images of these faces in metal type, see Hutt.

Slab serif lettering and typefaces originated clarendonn Britain in the early nineteenth century, at a time of rapid development of new, bolder typefaces for posters and commercial printing.

Web To use this font on your website, use the following CSS: Retrieved 30 August Retrieved 16 December Journal of the Printing Historical Society. TTF Download downloads Tagged as: For similar reasons they were also called Egyptian or Reversed EgyptianEgyptian being an equally arbitrary name for slab serifs of the period.

How wood type tamed the west". Desktop In application font menus, this font will display: They are therefore commonly associated with wanted posters and the American Old West.

Retrieved 10 August Enter any comments about this font below. File Contents Clarendon Bold. Type Designer Type Designers. If you know you need a specific combination of languages or features covered, you can use these filters to narrow down your search while browsing our library.

A heavy bold Clarendon was used for the cast brass locomotive nameplates of the Great Western Railway. Argentina Brazil Claerndon Colombia. Most hot metal typesetting companies offered some kind of slab serif; Linotype offered it duplexed to a roman type so that it could be easily switched in for emphasis. Add to Web Project.

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Botswana Mauritius South Africa Zimbabwe. It began, possibly around in Britain, as a parody of the elegant Didone types of the period. In the late nineteenth century the basic Clarendon face was radically altered by foundries in the United Statesresulting in the production of the 'French Clarendon' type style, which had enlarged block serifs at top and bottom.

Nameplates of the Big Four. Fifty Typefaces That Changed the World: Gray notes that nineteenth-century Ionic and Clarendon faces have "a definite dlarendon between the thick and the thin strokes", unlike some other more geometric slab-serifs.

There was limited separation between the name of typefaces and genres; if a font proved popular it would often be pirated and reissued by other foundries under the same name.

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Clarendon (typeface)

Jonathan Hoefler comments that "some of the best and most significant Clarendons are twentieth century designs" and highlights the Haas and Stempel foundry's bold, wide Clarendon display face as "a classic that for many people is the epitome of the Clarendon style.

But the inevitable counter-reformatino now shows that unprogressive printers who held on to their old-fashioned repertoire were doing the right thing, if for the wrong reasons. You may encounter slight variations in the name of this font, depending on where you use it. Note that we'll log your IP address on submission and ban anyone trying to spam the site.

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