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By | 11.02.2019

Does Jesse turn into a robot? In this episode, conflict abounds when Krillin must reconcile his duties to save the world with his feelings for Android 18, the woman he barely knows! The footage can all be found at the profile RobotUnderdog2 on YouTube. This episode went entirely unedited in terms of language content, so it's not safe for working environments! Sun, 10 August Episode 32 part 2:

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Did Don's mind change? All this plus further talk of a potential movie franchise and Jesse and Don's favorite fantasy epics!

Further topics include the video games, the preliminary Ginyu Force impressions, and the recent animated special Episode of Bardock! Super Buu, Mystic Gohan vs.

The History of Trunks is discussed in length. What were its highs and lows and which outweigh the other?

Dragon Ballz Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Direct Strike #35 on Kronozio

This episode went entirely unedited in terms of language content, so it's not safe for working environments! Episode 32 part 2: Tue, 2 October The Next Dimension: Battle of Gods Review! Here's a taste dragoj what to expect in the coming year of The Next Dimension! In this mammoth five hour podcast, the guys start off light with talk of the new DB Super trailer at 4: DB Super Eps Jesse and Don bring you the highlights!

Vegeta, round 2, the convenience of palm-to-head power ups, and the greatest freakout in the history of freakouts EVER! If you don't have three and a half years dgagon listen to the backlog of the show's episodes, take nearly a third of your day to sit down and fly through memory lane with The Next Ddragon What makes Donovan claim these episodes as the worst he and Jesse have covered in the podcast thus far?

James Wong to direct Dragon Ball Z Movie – /Film

Does Jesse turn into a robot? For over three hours the trio discuss their personal preferences when it comes to getting into new things, the risks involved when seeking shipper AMVs on YouTube, the merits of the Count of Monte Cristo film, and plenty of Sub vs.

Episode 32 Part 3: Don and Jesse have their hands full in this momentus episode, which chronicles the beginning of the buddy comedy acts that are Goku and Vegeta! Donovan and Jesse comment on this and other tidbits in this months batch of episodes, such as the legacy of Dragon Ball throughout popular culture, Saiyan eating habits, and video game talk galore! Tue, 30 April The Next Dimension: Does this film finally put DBGT out of continuity?

What was the turning point of Jesse truly becoming a fan of DBZ? Tue, 5 April Views from the Longbox After dirrect complaining that this current saga sucks, Vegeta has been turned against his friends against his will! The legendary manga artist and Dragon Ball creator turns 55 years young today! How much does Jesse dislike the rock music used in the Funimation dubs?

2003 Dragon Ballz Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Direct Strike #35

Keaton, thoughts on the future Spider-Man movie franchise and much more! Learn about it by downloading!

How do Bulma and Trunks react to Vegeta's return to the dark side? There's plenty of draton about the ten year time skip, Goku's actions and characterization, the new manga ending Toriyama drew inthe fates of the human Z-Fighters, potential endings and even a summation of Dragon Ball GT!

Tue, 25 November Episode And that's what's you're gonna get!

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