Edgeport configuration utility

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Enter text from picture: I suppose that would be what you expect when you pay this amount for the hardware, from a brand as long-standing and reputed as Digi. Recent questions in USB Serial. What do I have to do to install the utility? Starting with relatively newer Edgeport drivers, the Edgeport Configuration Utility doesn't get installed until an Edgeport is attached to the computer, and its driver is installed.

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The rear features 8 DB-9 ports in close proximity, with just enough space for regular plugs to clear. Technical Support Services Support services to meet any need.

Enabling wireless robotics aboard the space station.


Understanding hubs Hubs, which are critical edveport in the USB architecture, are wiring concentrators that enable the attachment of multiple devices, thus converting a single attachment point into multiple attachment points. When you did your testing, what kind of flow control did you use?

For the price, it does seem somewhat devoid of components. Please log in or register to add a comment.

The underside of the board does not house any particular components. General tab The General tab in this utility allows you to perform tasks such as configuring the device's COM ports, setting port flags and testing the ports. Download the most current Edgeport drivers from the Digi website: Digi Smart Solutions Temperature and task management. Reboot the computer when prompted. Rapid Proof-of-Concept Project Planning. One status LED window is provided on the front. In Use The first step was to install the drivers.

January 19, at 2: I'll do more research from that starting point. This shows me that the flow control is pretty good, with sufficient buffering and good drivers to make sure nothing is lost even at high bitrates beyond their claimed bps supported.

Information tab The Information tab allows you to review the manufacturing information pertaining to your device. Wireless Design Services World class design and development. I am having issues with this same converter in which hardware flow control seems to have some hickups in OpenVMS.

Digi XBee Ecosystem Explore and create wireless connectivity. This manual also for: No power utilityy the USB devices.

5DX Automated X-ray Inspection Edgeport Driver Version 3.60

Rather surprisingly, the unit was in its original box, with the tape unopened except by the donor to check the contents. XCTU is not able to detect xbee pro dev board. My apologies for this, and hopefully you can be a little patient as this hopefully clears up on its own. The hub is used to ugility chain a total of four chips together to form the 8 port model.

However, the one thing I am interested in is seeing it push data back and forth — for that I got out my two trusty null modem cables and hooked them up between Port 1 and 2; and Port eddgeport and 4. Digi Smart Solutions is now SmartSense. Firewall and Remote Hub Configuration Utility not working. Information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment utjlity the part of Digi International.

January 19, at 3: This company specialised in high performance USB adaptation solutions, with the Edgeport already showing clnfiguration in their catalogues as of The first step was to install the drivers. Rapid Proof-of-Concept Project Planning.

Aside from that, there are also more information and advanced configuration pages.

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