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The typeface names and designs are the property of their respective owners. These are best, because you can control the content and size, but a scanned sample will do, especially if it shows the complete font. Design a new luxurious Pet Boutique Logo. Winning design by yulianzone. We would like it to be legible and easy to read.

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Promotes animal rescue, education and responsible pet ownership.

We offer boarding, daycare, and grooming services. I'm building a site on wix- I still need to add copy but you can see the look and feel. Maybe add a dog leash a dog holding a leash in its mouth? Those were the days of the war between Freehand and Corel Draw, when there was no Illustrator. The typeface names and designs are the property of their respective owners. Our retail store will be opening online soon, too.

Aquarium treatments and supplements, aquarium foods for marine fish and corals, aquarium hardware e. The text in our current logo is Freehand BT and again, that could be changed, too. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. He understood exactly my demand.

Color preview Color code. We freeehand have some free services that we offer to local residents: If the bf is only legible at a larger size that is OK, but my goal is to keep page loading times shorter by using smaller sample files.

This was a 99 year long tradition previously held by the Animal Rescue. We'd like to emphasize the professional, experienced, educated idea combined with the compassion and personal element.

Each page has the identical structure and contains links to: Appreciate as always any help ya'll can give.

Ruzicka Freehand Complete Family Pack. I welcome corrections, comments and suggestions. Other color requirements I'd like to explore the following colors: Links to List Pages: Freehand Multilingual Regular. Remember the times that Adobe bought Aldus and renamed Photo Styler as Photoshop and quadripled the price?


We are a professional full-service pet care company serving southern Berkshire County, Massachusetts. But then what do I know, I am just the Kat. We would like it to be legible and easy to read. We appreciate the beautiful design and communicating with us during the project cycle.

Freehand BT Font - What Font Is

Alex I found it using: How Berkshire Pet Pals started their logo design journey Who are you known as? You can certainly change the color, breed, details, etc.

Thanks, SeaStarStudios for completing our project so quickly! The preferred sample size is approximately pixels wide, and apprx. Reef Revolution needs you! Amazing opportunity to help those who have no voice.

Game of Thrones inspired, bearded dragon breeder needs awesome logo.

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