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Don't listen to the people trying to ruin its user score because they're stuck in the past and can't realise when change is for the better or they're Xbox fanboys. Atreus is cured and Kratos tells him that he is a god. The combat feels much slower and clunkier compared to any other GoW game. And also I have played video games for many many years.

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Come on, you know you want to. Combat is actually a challenge in this game, even on default difficulty. This game is actually just correct or not so good.

God of War is already a fo contender for game of the year and you shouldn't miss it. Most fights devolve into running away while Atreus fires minimally damaging arrows or throwing your axe over and over till the opposition is dead. God of War March 22, Health and numbers boost is the only difference; - combat is VERY repetitive and tiring; - puzzles are I am not a fan boy 3.

The redemption of Kratos are well represented and combat is intuitive and refreshing. My first impression of GoW, wasn't the best at all.

The story is very compelling and there are a lot of things to do in the world.

God of War

I finished the first 3 God Of Wars multiple times but im never touching yod one again. I am tired of modern lootbox-field and Fapple Royale trends that turned industry into stupid soulless grind-games. The main story is very good, and I have only minor complaint about some of its moments. The game makes you feel confined some points in the game Kratos is running but moving like he's almost walking??

Chests with changing colors, which allow players to choose which meter o replenish, have also been available. Fine, a story can be linear and your actions could have practically zero influence on the outcome, but at least linear games have to give you exploration and open side quests option.


Retrieved November 6, Check box if your review contains spoilers. This is the new bar by which games of the future will be measured. God of War II Announced". God of War should be continuous intense gameplay not stupid dialogue and cutscenes.

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Retrieved January 23, New God of War Announced". But sadly, any attempt to stray off the beaten path for a majority of the game is met with getting stomped to a pulp by anything and everything because you'll find yourself for the most part met with mobs of enemies that vastly out level you.

Thanks to upgrades and interesting combos it feels good, and makes me try my best to beat even a couple of enemies. All obtained items carry over to New Game Plus, and there are new resources to further upgrade gear, which also have a new rarity level.

Well, writing this with mixed feelings. Ascension Original Soundtrack differed from the previously released soundtracks as it was composed by Tyler Bates alone, and is the only God of War score that he has worked on. Well, I was disappointed Our own Robert Workman added, "The game as a whole really just stacks up with one great thing after another.

Betrayal Chains of Olympus Ghost of Sparta. Log in to finish rating God of War. Additionally, the developers have added new features along with these free updates. God of War Collection PS3. The same goes for bosses.

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