Avg 2011 64bit

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This always-on background scanner takes care of malicious adware and spyware, shielding from dangerous programs that steal your personal information. I could log in, but then a black screen. I also find no PCs setup correctly especially the crap from BestBuy. If your suspecting a problem , run it.

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I was certain this would turn into a monumental job when I clicked to download your method, and could not believe after booting up again, that AVG was 20011, and it was done so quickly. It uses 4mgbs of memory, the company knows the Operating System and they have cash to spend on it.

February afg, at 1: I also have a problem. I have been using AVG for years, I highly recommend it and use it on my personal computers.

I wish all you avg people luck. Works fine, and been running Trend for years. But it cost me A dollars. So when I went to uninstall it the program only uninstalled partially. Change default search engine in Firefox. It tells me there is an unrecoverable error, but it will not tell me what the error is. I have used AVG on my laptop for 3 years. I am running Windows XP Pro in 64biy old computer. I was one of those people who got bit by the bug and what a mess it was!

You just assume the average joe is a computer nerd.

Can't uninstall AVG Free Edition - Forums - CNET

Finally — something that removes avg. All of the above are compatible with Max Secure, and it has 20111 feature that advanced uers crave. Amy June 3, 1: You likely downloaded it from a shady source which was offering a fake version. I deleted the files directly from the registry.

Download AVG Free Antivirus 2011 Offline Installer

I have not had any problems with the product. I did get the bug on my main system.

You simply scan the files with the App. This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff. I hate avg and will never again use it or anything even remotely related to it!

I am a technician and recommend your product 201 all my customers.

What an annoying nightmare for a couple of years. Hello karron97, yes, I am installing AVG back, if it got corrupted svg the conflict application has been already uninstalled.

I test all popular ones every 6 months and AVG is always in the top 3 for stopping really bad crap. If your suspecting a problemrun it. Also have used AVG for years.

Can't uninstall AVG 2011 Free Edition

Number 1 winner hands down is Kaspersky…hey, who knows better than the Russians what lies in that part of the world. Its like a bad penny. I 64vit this forum for exactly the same reason, hoping to find an answer!

Never had a problem — very satisfied with it. Will give it a few days. Try it, it seems to work for our 201, unless the grandkids or kids get on them.

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