Battlefield bad company 2 for mac

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Another couple of points. The only problem is that the chipset shares the system's ram, so there is a little bottleneck there. Turning down the graphics settings doesn't do much to alleviate this, the only thing that seems to work well is reducing the resolution, but then it just looks like garbage if I do that. Davis Boy Davis Boy.

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Awesome thing of the whenever: They bought me a macbook:. After I installed 7 I put in the disk that came with the Imac and all I saw was install bax no bootcamp drivers or am I doing something wrong?

Macbook Airs aren't for gaming lol.

It can Handel Messiah. Not forgetting also that most games do not even have x really implemented on them yet. TL;DR Its worth a shot.

Am I making a mistake? I know how to spell handle. Also a long time gamer on both platforms.

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Jun 22, 1: I do not want to use bootcamp or parallels to run the game. Try rebooting the system and try again. I find it way more efficient.

Posted on Mar 8, 2: I should also mention that I have played many of the above as Cider ports on this Mac to great results. Submit a new text post. Install Battlefield by Steam in Codeweavers so called "Bottle" and keep your fingers crossed.

If you have have set it to x, I doubt you can find a PC except the highest end gaming machine that could handle the game at full quality at that resolution. Davis Boy Davis Boy. The home for gaming on Mac machines!


Arqade works best with JavaScript enabled. Log in or sign up in battlefie,d. Additionally, there are a number of tools and tweaks available to improve performance for BFBC2, most of which you can do by hand with the game's.

And all this running without a hitch. The only problem is that the chipset shares the system's ram, so there is a little bottleneck there.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 for Mac

Mar 8, Thank you very much, im using bootcamp and I have a question, please check my other thread: I hope this helps. Not to mention that all games usually need at least two or three patches and updates before they run really smoothly. Here is the info for my macbook: But I give you some random opinion that I can't agree more I boot camped it with Windows 7 32 bit and it was pretty laggy, I just uninstalled it, not worth playing imo.

If you are afraid about legal issues check your country law about having a digital safe copy of product that you own. Is your video card liszted on the tech specs page?

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