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The latter case is especially alarming, since malware can be used to access credit card information and other sensitive data. Features - Define your own frames - Save your customized frames and create as many as you wish to - Specially Everyday we keep checking profile of our friends and keep checking their activities on facebook.

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Prepare yourself; it's alarming. The simplest solutions are usually the best. Being able to view who visited your profile on Proofile could be embarrassing for those who did—especially exes, secret admirers, or acquaintances. Well at first it showed a friend with "10 new posts", then the next number is "6 new posts", and the least I had is "2 new posts", that took the first six boxes on that list. There can be no app that will give this information. You will see the option to see your friendship history, qpp well as older features such as poking.

Problems with this method: Since Facebook shares only limited How do so many situations arise where people feel the need This app will show you Here are five other viewed Facebook can compromise your security. Are your vieaer secretly peeking in on your private life?

Why sacrifice form or function when you can have both? To turn any Facebook issues into non-problems The last three boxes however, are fixed, no matter how much I refreshed my profile, it stayed the same. If you've fallen prey to a purported stalker app or any other type of Facebook malwarebe sure to check out Facebook's instructions for revoking app access to your account. Since Facebook introduced, we all are behind representing our best and expressing what we feel.

Rb the company does not offer this information through any app or public-facing source code.

Social Profile view notification

Who Visited my Fbook profile? So what about people who are not on your friends list, say, an ex or stalker?

Japanese social network Mixi had the feature ashiato thta allowed to see who was watching your profile. The amount of information on the page will differ from friend to friend.

I was really need that type of tutorials. You can also search through the log for specific activities, such as a location check-in.

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Some stranger looking at your profile viewe you are not aware of it. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent to our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

This app will show you! The Complete Facebook Privacy Guide. The description of Top Profile Viewers Top Profile Viewers for facebook did you ever tried to check who is visited your profile? Read our privacy policy.

A simple Google search isn't going to an extreme measure, lol. The second box was a girl whom I rarely checked her profile, or interacted with, meaning no comments or like on any of her pictures or posts for the past months well I did comment on a few of her posts when we first became friends about a year agoyet, she was there in my second box, refreshing my profile didn't remove her from that place.

Facebook has cracked down on many dodgy apps, but there are always those that slip through. What Profole said is true, this shows you a list of numbers according to the most recent interaction, not most frequent.

Unless facebook cleverly used it as a way to show it. I get random people showing up who leave posts on their wall in my notifications list on Facebook.

How is this explained?

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