Form st-3 excel format

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If you click on this button, utility will validate all the sheets one by one. Though with effect from 1st July , classification of services has been dispensed with, the assessee is required to select the name s of taxable service s. Easy interface through Excel; Additional Validations during conversion process. Rate is applicable will be entered in B1.

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For more explanation, the Illustration given in a separate excel sheet, may please be referred. Login Signup 6 results saral income tax software ofrm Download Link. Though with effect from 1st Julyclassification of services has been dispensed with, the assessee is required to select the name s of taxable service s.

Any new instructions as the ST-3 format are modified? Software for e-Filing can be downloaded from e-Filing portal of the. If an expired notification is selected or any Sl no.

There is provision for adding new row for selecting more than one taxable service. There are three statuses: Any other amount paid may be s-3.

CHARTERED PROFESSIONAL: ST-3 Offline Return Utility for October to March

Forj assessee has availed benefit of any exemption notification, the notification number and relevant Serial number in the notificationif any, against which such exemption has been availed, have to be entered in A Download excel utility for service tax return Excel Based Income Tax Software If you are salaried employee in an organization, then you will get the.

Rate, the value forrmat which ADV. Those notifications which are relevant to the selected service, are displayed in the dropdown. This denotes that the return was uploaded and under processing.

Rule 6 3 of Service Tax Rules, allows adjustment of Service Tax amount ofrmat was paid earlier in respect of taxable service not provided wholly or by the service provider or where the amount of invoice is re-negotiated.

Moving through the cells: If any amount is entered as paid by cash, such amount should have a contra entry in Challan Details section in H1.

Fill up the return data. Assessees who have not e-filed their returns for earlier periods can also download the appropriate period and e-file.

ST-3 for July-September 2012 available for e-filing

The last date of e-filing of return for July-September, is 15th April, Initially when excel utility is downloaded; it will contain only two. Please view again after sometime.

Opening Balance for Service Tax can be entered through Configuration. Applicability of filing Service Tax Return excrl Mail will be automatically sent by the system to the Assessee? The e-filing Excel Utility is an Excel Stt-3 that consists of one worksheet. Taxable services need not be selected in cases where the assessee is an exclusive ISD.

The error warnings may appear as below example:.

Service Tax form ST-3 in Excel format

If an outdated notification or any Sl no. Amount charged for services received from Non-Taxable Territory is to be entered in this column.

The name format of the XML file generated will be: Data provided must be in correct format, otherwise ST3-Return Excel utility will not allow you to proceed further for generating XML file. Is the new ST-3 return for the period, July-Sept. If any amount has been paid in advance as Service Tax in terms of Rule 6 1A of Service Tax Rules, and the assessee has adjusted that formatt against his Service Tax liability, such adjustment has to be shown here.

ST-3 for July-September available for e-filing

You have to compulsorily provide data for these fields. No need to fill this field as it will be auto-fetched directly from database once the return is uploaded.

To file returns on-line, a selected dealer is required to deposit his tax within the time frame.

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