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To my surprise this is the one VSTi based on a hardware synthesizer that sounds better than the hardware. And even worse, even the specific tool itself change its specifications from a version to another. Controller Page sections for NI hardware added Read the full changelog.

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FM synthesizer with extended sound architecture and high-quality mode.

One of the most important tools of FM8 is the Arpeggiator, a dedicated module that is able to transform MIDI input and create sequences from scratch or starting from one of the four dozen built-in templates. It is mostly aimed at users with lots of experience in sound fref, but learning how to use it is not too difficult a task for other users as well.


Extremely versatile arpeggiator for intuitive generation of intricate patterns. Learn to play an instrument, write music, record a song. Frequency modulation FM synthesis allows professionals modify waveforms and enrich the sound of music tracks and control a multitude of parameters, provided the appropriate tools are at hand.

Ok, This will be a review in of this great FM8 synth. istruments | Gateway time-out

Send the link below via email or IM Copy. It's white - nonsense. User Interface - Looks nice and provides tabs to access many functions and an easy mode page.

Present to your audience. FM7 responds will to sustain pedal, after touch, pitch bend and modulation wheels. And I have set the four files in a one package. Present to your audience Start remote presentation. Creating downloadable prezi, be patient. Fortunately, they've left in the 'easy edit' page for beginners, and assigning controllers to this page gives some hands-on realtime control.

It's the bees knees of digital synthesis; Natiev synthesis made easier by the highly graphic user interface. It also does a mean set of leads and basses, although if it's capacitor "squelch" you're after, look elsewhere. I tend to start by imagining how the end result will sound, and working backwards Stability - Never crashes my system.

It's got that crispy, eerie, digital sound, with a real reputation for pads and motion-filled soundscapes. I owned a Yamaha DX7 for a hative years. FM8 is just one fm synths, many great are existing - maybe the newest you can find is from Arturia.

I'd like to see this in fm8. So, the proof's in the pudding - how does it sound? Neatly organized in their respective categories, all the features are easily accessible and highly customizable. Latest User Reviews Average user rating of 4. Controller Page sections for NI hardware added Read the full changelog. The effect section are really good, but i 'd really like to able to change the orders of these.

FM8 Average user rating of 4. Read all reviews Add A Review. Each operator goes beyond the DX7 by including sines, saws, triangles and complex harmonic-rich waveforms. The real power of FM8 comes with the envelopes, which can be effectively drawn freeform like Absynth.

It beats the hell out of most of my synths and truly competes with my Prophet 08 and Jd The matrix-style basic interface lets you mingle and mix-up carriers and operators until you end up with a ibstruments mess - FM's own equivalent of analog patchwire heaven!

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