Happy together 1997

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Leslie Cheung and Tony Leung are amazing! Their moments together become devastating more often than they are pleasant, to the point of leading them both to misery. Another difficulty with the film is the cinematography from Christopher Doyle, whose previous work for Wong Kar Wai and elsewhere has been superb. Maybe the most fundamental issue with the film is the almost total absence of women. Also NOT a romantic film, as the title would have you believe!

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As usual, Wong has cast top Cantopop music and cinema performers in the leading roles, in this case Leslie Cheung and Togwther Leung Chiu-Wai, as the two gay lovers.

The two have a pattern of abuse, followed by breakups and reconciliations. The content is often raw, whereas the form is always stunningly beautiful. He always succeeds at marrying realistic human drama with otherworldly beauty and atmosphere. The colorless domination of the first act is not inherently related to Buenos….

We later learn that for them even to get to Argentina, Lai stole money from his father. After a brief foray into what could almost be described as 'feel-good' movies, Wong Kar-Wai strikes back with a brutal, vicious look into the breakdown of a relationship in Happy Together. After a few months, Ho again contacts Lai to restart the cycle of abuse and destruction.

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However, Jonathan Rosenbaum gave the film a mixed review in the Chicago Reader. We never see Leslie with another man when they were together, only when they're broken up, self-destructively flaunting his promiscuity in the face of Tony's distrust.

You always end up falling short, running out of words, and by the time you're done, you realize you've described less then half of everything elicited. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. He becomes Fai, making him sympathetic enough but still careless, unbalanced and aggressive.

Archived from the original on 5 February And the award for most ironic film title is Also NOT a romantic film, as happpy title would have you believe! Fortissimo Film Sales, Amsterdam.

The Film Sufi: “Happy Together” - Wong Kar Wai ()

Ho just lives off Lai whenever he needs money, but he also continually drifts away into other male liaisons and appears to be more or less a male prostitute. But this time, Lai has the strength to avoid starting this cycle once again. His father rejects his attempt to apologise by telephone. Music and waterfall sequence were cool. On Christmas Day, he sits down and begins to write a card to his father. For these sequences, the camera is aimed directly into the sun, whose brightness leaves all the players indistinctly dark.

While there, he spies a picture of Chang at the back counter and steals it for future reference. Leslie Cheung, just as he was in Days of Being Wildis the self-absorbed narcissist; but on this occasion the sense of longing for him is seen from an internal perspective that of Lai Yiu-Fai — and this is not the male-fantasy-fueled external experience of those earlier Wong films.

Cantonese Mandarin Spanish English.

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January 12, Rating: The scenes at the tango bar To 11997, it was immediately about accepting the end of any relationship and walking away from what is bad for you, even if you don't want to. Leslie Cheung as Ho Po-wing.

hpapy Finally, a Wong Kar-Wai movie that I love. Reviewed at Cannes Film Festival competingMay 14, This excessive contrast seems to be intentional, but why? June 10, Full Review….

Executive producer, Wong Kar-wai. Meanwhile the Lai-Ho relationship is going through ever-worsening ups and downs, finally leading Lai to despair.

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