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By | 04.08.2018

You can train your player in this game, and choose between seven tennis player character types. The ball kids don't move to retrieve the ball and no matter where the event is the umpire and crowd reactions are appalling even in exhibition mode playing at their version of Wimbledon. When the top rated comment in here suggests Mario Tennis, something must be seriously off with the developers putting out these tennis games.

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It has been over 20 years since this game launched on Amiga, and now you enjoy it on your Android handset as well. Sometimes players rip a shot into the corner with the tiniest racket movement right off the bounce, other times they don't swing at all.

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I want more of everything, but there is a basis to build on. Once again, Nintendo has taken a sport that not everyone likes and has transformed it into a fun-filled game that's suitable for any player of any age. Can anyone tell which of these two games would be bettewr suited for me?

I do still want a realistic tame game though. It's a small developer so I think they knew their game wasn't perfect but couldn't afford the cost without releasing it.

This means that timing seems irrelevant--you have no idea where to go to get the best strike on the ball. Subscribe to Our Newsletter.

But by far the biggest problem is the gameplay, the most critical component of the game.

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 21 Critics What's this? Graphics are really good, and swiping is a rather important gameplay part of Ultimate Tennis. I can research the full content of the games for what all they come with but I'm wanting to hear from the people that have played one or the other or both and hear exactly what you think.

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Then again, same guys also made Rugby. Email An Insider Tip. Read our detailed rules for more Memes, image bdst, reaction gifs, polls and petitions are not allowed as posts.

Best Tennis Games

There are also framerate issues--unacceptable for a game that isn't exactly too sophisticated visually. Tejnis Tennis Addict First Released unreleased.

This is what most people get hung up on. Tennis Champs Returns puts focus on fun and gameplay over graphics, as this is essentially a reborn classic game from Amiga gaming console, which some of us remember really well.

Electronics Deals - October 25, Tennis World Tour hands down but there is a few bug. I miss Virtua Tennis on Dreamcast.


The control is feel totally unresponsive and prone to bring caught in animations which prevent you from returning an easy shot. Mario Tennis is a quality tennis presentation that strikes gold on the three points that matter most: Read our detailed rules for more. I've only had a few minutes with the demo but I'm impressed. SportsIndividualTennis of players: Super Real Tennis is so accomplished in terms of presentation and gameplay that it almost seems unfair to compare it to the current mobile gaming offerings in the US.

Having seen reviews for AO tennis I expected a great deal from this title under the impression that Top Spin 4 members were in the development. When the tenjis rated comment in here suggests Mario Tennis, something must be seriously off with the developers putting out these tennis games.

That's is true but bfst doesn't mean it's bad. For this game lags severely behind the expectations of today's era of console games in the sports genre! AO is impressive cause it's a small dev which alot of ppl forget. After waiting 7 years for a follow-up to the standard-bearing Top Spin 4, I had very high hopes for this game.

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