Glass shattering sound effect

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Kind of like how it's hard to tell at what distance enemies can hear your footsteps. I'm used to it now unfortunately! Fantastic Four 2 Marvel, January It is also a form of psychological warfare. Google "Voicemeter banana pubg" for tutorials.

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Like I said it's not so loud now, just the pitch is too high to the point where Effdct hate hearing it even at low volume. Piece of broken fluorescent light bulb glass drop, break, smash 4 Breaks, Breaking, Smashes, Smashing Glass Impacts https: Ad free Monthly or yearly donation - cancel anytime. Like a floorboard creaking in the night.

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Jack Kirby [show tags] breakcrashdefenestrationglassMarvel monsterMonster At My Windowsci-fishatterWhat was that? Use an audio compressor, helps makes the loud stuff quiet and the quiet stuff loud. That is until I'm sitting across the street from a squad that doesn't even know we're in the town and I've got an ambush set up for them. It's too loud for the person breaking it, but it's fine to be the same for other people around.

Strange Tales 95 Marvel, April I use them and certainly have no issue hearing everything I need without turning my volume up high enough for anything to be painful.

You can find them here. We will also remove topics which duplicate a recent post such as multiple posts of the same stream highlight or news item. Pubg's sounds are all over the place, they still need to adjust everything. I don't think it would make the game more fun to me, just annoying. Kid Colt Outlaw Marvel, March Journey Into Mystery 74 Marvel, November Do you have a hearing condition of sorts, by any chance?

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Adventure Comics DC, July It was way suond high pitched before but I don't mind it at all now. Breaking glass is loud as fuck, I can hear someone doing it from like 50m away across the street.

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What about the fucking grenades? No trading, begging, LFG or gambling posts Posts relating to the trading and buying of in-game items or game copies should not be made here and will be removed. The drop plane, the vehicle's back fire, the glass breaking. It's a little uncomfortable of a sound though for sure, but I think it also has to do with how often we hear glass break compared to other games.

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I have my sound on a volume i hear steps and all that shit pretty good and my hearing isnt that great anymore! Ok, so they made everything quieter, and instead of keeping it that way, you turned up the volume. Either way, it's better than that abomination that was Redzone glass bombing. It used to be so much worse with the bombs breaking glass on OG map. Glass impact, smash and break sound effects Free glass impact sound effects… Piece of broken fluorescent light bulb glass drop, break, smash 6 Breaks, Breaking, Smashes, Smashing Glass Impacts https: I mute my game everytime i vault through a window.

Sneaking up on a town with a firefight going on. Makes me laugh every time.

Here is the thing; the glass sound is uncomfortably high-pitched and loud, but that is exactly how glass is in real life. Ray Holloway Written by: These people are clearly cranking their volume up to insane levels to hear footsteps or whatever else at the maximum possible distance.

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