Hip hop sounds

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HipHop Beat with a beat of fusion intertwined. Remove this ad forever by registering! Use loops, not drum machines, that is more from 94 onwards, Also roll off the high end, right down even to khz, a lot of that golden area sound is very Dolby sounding, you don't hear crystal clear hats and, its all about the snare sound SNAP!. Limitations in what rack samplers could do, difficulty in editing on digital multitrack recorders, less ability to polish a turd.

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Older Roland and emu rompler racks. Information about popular recording studios in that era would also be really useful.

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Originally Posted by soundnarcotics. Sample hits individually so you can filter out the kick and snare of your drum loop and replay with the processed one-shots over your chopped and re-assembled loops.

How to get that 90's Hip-Hop sound? Make a dollar from that 15 cents.

Great info in this thread, cheers to all. Also filtered bass lines. Rowan 25th Oct Even Biggie tracked into a DDA console for a while Track everything out on a cheap mackie board.

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Already have an account? Subscribe to our Newsletter. TheDrumBank 24th Oct The cheaper setups at the time used mackie and peavy boards, usually in crappy rooms.

Use and older Yamaha or lexicon for verb sends. Atmospheric Piano in D minor. Since looperman is too lazy to change things on this site, you can find my Instagram name on my profile, click my profile picture and you'll see it. An SM58 is also fine.

Also if you used it you can send soundw link to me i will be happy to listen to it. Ughn - ugh or Ughn Ugh.

I was asking about the recording equipment used in recording studios in that era. Hi, I'm going to be recording a 90's style, jazz breakbeat Hip-Hop track for a university assignment.

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Hip Hop Sound Kit | Beat Production

Take the soundd and filter the highs off until you get just a bass tone. That can serve as the bass for the track, which is very common in 90's hip hop. Almost no one used an sp Some of bip beat up Stanton's and dusty Gemini mixers would def have rolled the top off a lot of samples. By the 90s, almost everything was already 16bit. Different samplers bip their own distinct sounds but it always did something gritty to the drums that was so nice.

If original poster is keep to go the live band route specifically maybe the addition of tape, Neve preamps, some ribbon mics maybe? Originally Posted by DomiBabi. The 3 groups that the OP mentioned all used samples from jazz records during that time. A beat from the 90s is so unique.

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