Campaign cartographer 2

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The circle is an entity, and two of its properties are its fill style and color. The shields on the right are examples of what you make. The two paths are trimmed to their intersection. This area is so small that it will only require two or three single treetops with a few individual trees at the front. Company number ProFantasy Software - map making for gamers.

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Selecting by Prior, we will change the properties of the copied text to make it outlined.

CC2 redisplays the map so it completely fills the screen. Now, as you move the cursor, you see how the arc will look when you place the last point. The Command Line acrtographer Entity to trim: The point is attached precisely to the endpoint of the border, right in the corner of the map. From entire worlds and countries, to floorplans and furniture, CC2 Pro can do it.

Campaign Cartographer 2

This cartograpuer something that I've seen people ask for a few times on message boards - a log of sorts to record daily events in a campaign.

Non standard coastlines, rivers and roads The shortcut icons, such as Bf and change the current drawing settings to standard values that we decided upon when we wrote CC2. If you zoom out far enough, the grid density will become too great to be useful, cartograppher which point the grid no longer displays. Tegel Manor and Tegel Village.

A Gallery of CC3 Maps

CC2 cannot calculate the intersections cartographsr self- intersecting entities. It is normally very obvious where they are! Meanwhile, when people request stuff I'll put it up on dropbox and eventually link back to them here. This, I believe, is Version 5 and I no longer remember what I've changed.

You call, for example, click the color indicator to change the current color or select another drawing tool. Keyed up for speed The Selection popup menu is quick and easy to use but if you are happy using your keyboard, you can work even faster!

Campaign Cartographer

You see the Insert Part dialog box. Frx adds random detail to paths, or polygons. For example, when CC2 asks cartographrr a 1st Pointyou can click the On icon, then pick the entity on which you want the point.

CC2 changes the current settings for drawing campaitn. Now all that we need do is put the navlines behind the land. Depth sets how many times Frx repeats the above process. CC2 changes the current settings ready for drawing waterways then starts drawing using a smooth path.

There are new map styles, a wide array of Photoshop-style effects, and easy-to-used drawing tools for terrain features. Otherwise, it will campaigb smoothly across the screen, but points clicked will still be affected by Ortho and Snap. Templates for other map types are in subfolders of Templates.

CC2 adds the circle, smooth shape and wiggly line to the selection. There are 12 inches in 1 foot. The prior entities are forgotten as soon as you may another selection so this option is only available the when you first see the selection cursor. You now have the following options, as per the Command Line: Polygons and paths are very closely related. The map cmapaign is updated.

If not, go back and dig through it again! Hie distance between parallel sides of each hex.

The color box in the Status Bar is now the red you chose. As it was there was a lot of blank space once I'd laid out the basic vegetation so I added a few scattered shrub and grass symbols to add visual interest. The Command Line reads 2 nd entity:.

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