Gta san andreas handling drift

By | 07.08.2018

Drift is sliding curve to curve without stopping the movement, you got to keep the traction controlled and the wheel angle to opposite side that you are drifting, in GTA SA it is impossible to drift curve to curve keeping the car on slip, even when you go straight, your car must slip all the time but not the doing the called "snake" movement , this is drift. Mods used in the video: Here are the steps wich are shown in the video again: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Hey man, I have a youtube channel dedicated to gta 4 drifting.

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If you finally can drift with Elegy or Banshee you can drift anywhere and it will be alot more fun. I've found this one: All i really want is a bit more acceleration and a bit lower traction.

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Please don't try this. Subscribe to the Autocar YouTube channel now: Intel Core 2 Quad Q 4 x 2.

ELEGY 1 0 0. I'd very much like to try your tunes. Would rather not keep it to myself, some people have been looking for a good San andreas drift hand for a long time. All the other handlings out there are not as "realistic". If that is correct I'll stick to my point that it is perfectly possible to drift in GTA San Andreas without modding the handling. In episode 2 of our "Does It Drift" series we check out the retro elegy custom. With underline and final point -Enjoy.

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GTA San Andreas Handling Drift Mod -

Please use spoiler tags accordingly, see below on how to use them. Well, no, not really: As mamoru says they are still talking about sliding and you said drifting is not sliding Make sure to leave a like and subscribe for more!

Post Spoilers in this format [X Kills Y! It was done in a safe enclosed area. Posted June 4, User Name Remember Me? See, the thiing is, i don't want cars to handle too different from the norm.

Community Links Members List. Also you could see at movie 2 players: Since your topic regards game modifications of some sort, it would be better suited in the GTA Modding section. Hey man, I have a youtube channel dedicated to gta 4 drifting. RoamPT Enough, and dont link modding websites, specially with handling lines, i think its not allowed. D Ignorem o ". Gay Tony GTA 4: Here are some things you need to know: Feel free to discuss any aspect of the game you want.

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