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First get the animal and place it on the farm. First run of FarmvilleBot usually takes not more then 30 mins. Will bypass the 3 regift daily limit.

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Use on your own risk, can delete items like buildables outside farm which you can not get back!

Transform ripe trees or animals to plots. Moves items from farm to farm, with or without licenses. Manage contents of buildings. Send market items and buy market items to Giftbox.

Grow seedlings to any desired tree. Also, all actions are displayed on the main tab boot the program in the list on the right.

The Bot is Downloading game files, as same as pictures which we need: Harvests Bloom Gardens over and over for free. After install plugin, please let faceBot run 2 cycles.

Creates links for special delivery boxes. Add and delete neighbors, also shows info. Now when we found out our system information we are ready to install programs which are necessary to run Farmville Bot on your computer and those are: It is a more reliable method. Easy setup, insert number of levels, then run. Information on market items by release date. Shows only buyable coin items, buys them, places on farm, also shows XP gained. fafmville


By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. With downloaded images - New Parser and Settings v Run multihack till you can farkville enough coins to get yourself to level Shows horses or trees to redeem, no fantasy horses. Bulbs and flower food 5 per bloom in Giftbox required. Moves items between farms, no licence needed.

Open downloaded Archive with any un-packer programs and extract all files to C: Lists all items on a farm to sell them. Options to sell mastered all or except 1skip seeders from selling. Creates items in your giftbox.

Download the file 2. Shows amount of items on chosen farm and other info.

farmville 2 bot Archive

Generates Links for all types of Blooms. You can see your current experience points and experienced points gained by the bot at the bottom of the program window. Charles pop up and change item name to fairyisland 5. Now when we made sure you have all the program necessary to install Farmville Bot, all you need to download this archive and unpack to C Drive.

Move things on farm to defined sections. After installation, click "Refresh token" link 1 Do the following to start the bot:

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