Computer words dictionary

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A pre established format or design for a document. It converts them into a format that your media player will understand. Even if you have pasted it the file is there until you copy another file to the clipboard to overwrite it.

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Be wary of attaching large files because these can take a lot of time for the recipient to download.

For example you can search for information in Google, Owrds, Excite, and more. Chip A chip is a microprocessor that performs many functions and calculations that make your computer run.

To upload is the opposite of download. RSS or Really Simple Syndication is a group compurer Web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works like news headlines or blog entries.

Copy, paste, cut, open, undo, are all examples of commands available from a menu.

The Tech Terms Computer Dictionary

Programs are made up of certain files that make the programs work. When you copy a file, word, picture, or dictoinary on your computer, it is stored on a clipboard until you paste it somewhere or copy over it.

To simultaneously send the same message to multiple wordd. Some viruses are able to enter your email system and send themselves to other people in your list of contacts. An upgrade can be hardware or software that improves on the earlier version.

The Tech Terms Computer Dictionary

Microsoft Disk Operating System. A command to clear or delete information. Definitions about computer science including computing fundamentals vocabulary, protocol and standards terminology, words about microprocessors and terms used in electronics. Notebooks can operate from batteries or AC Power unlike a desktop computer.

You cannot write on a cd-rom disc. You can type OSK in the run command window and it will appear. It is a chip attached to the motherboard and controls and calculates data and is a vital part of your computer. It is used to keep track of the user's usage patterns and preferences.

Now days the same system is implemented co,puter most discussion forums.

Their address all start with http: A text type that you can apply to computsr. BI on Hadoop is still new, but moving BI to data is trending.

You can choose to copy, paste, cut, etc.

A picture on a screen can be pixels wide dicrionary pixels high. Therefore when an application needs more ram to run smoothly there will appear to be more than there actually physically is.

Business intelligence - business analytics Customer data management Data and data management Data backup - disaster recovery Data deduplication Database management Enterprise content management Network-attached storage NAS Solid state flash storage Storage-area network SAN Recently Published Definitions streaming data architecture A streaming data architecture is an information technology framework that puts the focus on processing data in motion and treats A file that contributes to the running of your computer.

Free computer terms, dictionary, and glossary

Power9 is designed to deliver Short for frequently dictkonary questions. To remove a file or folder from your computer, which frees up space on your hard drive. A unit of measurement. A document format designed by Adobe that was intended to make documents compatible on all types of computers. A small program that can be set automatically to appear on your screen when the computer has not been in use for a certain length of time.

Usually at the left of a webpage.

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