Dragon booster racing games

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Dragon Ball Z Painting 4. A Dragon Story 4. Regardless of how improbable it might seem, racing dragons sounds like it could be a decent premise for a video game.

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Well, just take everything you love about racing games and forget about it, and lower your expectations considerably low for this game. Dragon Rush Racing 4. Most of the time you'll control the dragon with the touch screen and the directional pad.

You would think racing dragons and doing battle during fierce competitive races would be fun but, sadly enough, Dragon Booster proves that not even the touch screen technology of the Nintendo DS could save the game from its poor design. The story behind Dragon Booster is a poor attempt at imitating some of the anime-inspired kids' shows that have been successful in the past. Your position on site: Home Contact Download Games. The all-city races is where all the action takes place, and where it is clear that this game was better off being left undeveloped.

Review Scoring Details for Dragon Booster. While you can pick other riders and their dragons, it is as Artha Penn and his pairing with legendary Dragln Dragon Beau that you earn credit and help prevent the outbreak of a new war.


Harley Quinn Girl Power 4. Ben 10 Power Motobike 3. Power Rangers Jigsaw 4. The game focuses on a Dragon-Human War that threatens the very livelihood of Dragon City and rips the planet apart.

Dragon Booster

Car Speed Booster 3. By winning races you'll earn money, which you can spend on gear for your dragon.

The first racecourse, in Mid-City, is a winding racecourse with opponents that will try to knock you out of the race in the most annoying fashion. In Eden Games were working on this project for the Playstation 2 and Xbox, but the game was later cancelled for unknown reasons. Founder of Unseen64 ini'd like to sleep more than 5 hours a day, but i have to pay the bills.

Power Princess Kitty Dressup 4. Power Rangers Escape From Enemy 3. Do you want draon shoot a target during Skills Competition then tap the target.

dragon booster Games

Do you like kart racing, arcade rdagon, car racing, and any other kind of racing game? Battle for Atlas is a booter good time. Red Dragon Rampage 3. OK, so it doesn't make a lot of sense, and the game does a terrible job of conveying the story, but those are the least of the problems with Dragon Booster. I find it very difficult to think about the answer, but for whatever reason, the DS ends up with yet another horrible title.

boosteer The animation is limited as well. Baby Elsa Butterfly Face Art 4. Dragon Booster is for lack of a better term a 'racing' game, and while some out there might think that there is a little Panzer Dragoon trapped in here they would be right, both games do feature dragons, but that's where the similarity ends.

But how many little kids out there are actually interested in this game, or even the show?

Slay The Dragon 4. Boosted Ranger Power Shoot 4. I have got a Xbox and Xbox one but really want this game. Find out more about cookies. Taken straight out of the TV show, Dragon Booster features a young man named Artha Penn who has been challenged with maintaining the peace by arming and then racing his dragon in a series of races elicit peace.

Dragon Ball Battle 5.

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