Gta 4 nuke mod

By | 11.01.2019

Each territory belongs to a gang and you will have to face them in some parts of the storyline. Check Out this video and try it. Any previously used cheat is in there. Register a new account.

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This title is the predecessor of Nue Theft Auto advance. Pros The graphics are more enhanced You can replay previous games. That is not a nuclear bomb. Just not at the same time. Each territory belongs to a gang and you will have to face them in some parts of the storyline.

This installment gives the possibility of choosing the way you want to play.

The story is set in fictional state San Andreas, where you can find several cities, including San Fierro, Los Santos and Las Venturas, all based on real cities. For Time-Pass as i feel bore on computer thats the reason i am downloading it for playing thankhs for making that software of gaming ur thnk. Honestly, I was more than eager about this game when I first saw its preview on the web.

For further information you can visit the official website.

It's only there if you've already cheated though. This mod is loaded with lots of features and cars to choose from. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

So doing that would create the mushroom cloud would it? I think mo will work or i will get angry. Created by the renowned company by Rockstar North.

Nuclear Explosion Project (Rocket Launcher) + Mini Nuke (Sticky Bomb) // Nuke Mod -

I nyke this game very joyful and most entertianer. Hit Up to bring up your phone, hit X A? That is very cool. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. If you are not pleased with those tons of cars, you can customize them whenever you want same with your character in the game. Pros The graphics are good but not innovative The story of the game is slightly above average.

I'm so trying this! The game is placed on the fictional state of San Andreas, which is divided nukr three different cities: Once you download this mod, start playing is not so complicated. Once you've dialed a cheat, it goes into your "cheats" menu The gameplay places at your disposal a great variety of weapons and vehicles to defend yourself but also to attack your enemies.

Sign in Already have an account? Home Downloads Blog User Reviews. Cons Limits the number of car you can save. Any previously used cheat is in there.

It should be there on the as well. On the other hand, there is an important rivalry among the different gangs of the game.

GTA IV San Andreas 08.01.12

Jeez, do you even know what a nuke looks like? Sign In Sign Up. When it arrives, our hero tries to restore his previous band, while trying to discover what really happened to his mother.

Moreover, almost all missions are somehow quite basic, but sometimes I see somewhat cool ones, like chasing down some bikers heading through a subway or climbing on an automated haul truck running at full speed.

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