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Not available on Premium, Platinum and Business. License Reset Type your account e-mail to request a license reset. Denise comes with a Artificial Intelligence Editor.

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Visit our Forum or open a ticket. Original Denise Avatar and a Search query.


The Avatar can be resized to any resolution in the screen, or be hidden in the task bar. Please, look your e-mail to proceed. It is possible to correct any giving answer as well as add custom questions and answers. Denise Dialog and Lateral Menus. Denise comes with a very natural sintetized English female voice to convert any text to speech in an dfnise female human like voice. Denise is a very unique software. The other free softwares available are implementations of the ALICE chatbot engine in different computer languages, tools and knowledge bases.

Add date and time for medications reminders.

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Foundation, a non-profit research and training organization. It is like the desktop Denise, but with a real Robotic AI silicone face. Documentation, specifications, tutorials and showcases are available at the alicebot. Denise Desktop Software will no longer be updated, however we are currently working on new products to released at Realbotix Your best friend is here, waiting for you!

Original Denise Avatar showing a Search query. License reset request processed.

Guile 3D Studio - Virtual Assistant Denise

Schedule appointments, gukle, set Alarms that optionally play a song or run an external application. Within time, she will improve until the day no one will be able to differentiate her from a real human being.

Based on the latest developments in neuro-technology, Emotiv has developed a revolutionary new personal interface for human computer interaction. Just after the installation, you can read aloud a short text to train your voice and create a profile, so Denise will better understand your voice.

User Interface and Menu.

Denise works with an adaptive Artificial Intelligence Brain, that can learn by itself and be customized by user. Foundation is also offering the commercial version Superbot 2. Male Avatar and Custom Speech Commands. Dialog menu shows the Weather Forecast for user's location.

Type your account e-mail to request a license reset. You just need to do a quick voice training so Denise can better adapt to the way you speak to her. An error ocurred during the request to reset your license. You can also type in the input box. She comes with our real-time proprietary graphic engine, a high quality English Text to speech female voice and the best Speech Recognition Dictation system Nuance Dragon An e-mail will be sent to the provided address.

In Denise was the winner of the 1st place in the Chatterbox Challenge. I am Virtual Assistant Denise. The image shows Denise Avatar, denkse lateral menu shows user's songs.

Please take a moment to read our FAQ page before buying Denise.

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