Abhi nahi aana sajna

By | 11.01.2019

She was probably getting the glimpse of the rea Geet within her. He was suddenly getting worried.. I have to clean myself… see the marks havnt faded yet…].

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This was getting so tough.

Sona Mohapatra - Abhi nahin aana

She felt warm drops of tears fall on her palms and looked up at Geet who had her eyes closed. He drove out madly as he turned on the GPS to locate her whereabouts.

His whole night went sjana just tossing and turning. She wanted to see maan… just so that he could say it was okay.

Abhi Nahi Aana Sajna ~~~ Sona Mohapatra Chords - Chordify

And why you never went with her this time? He reverse geared and rushed to handa mansion. She put the clothes on the hanger and closed the door behind.

The moment Sasha left, Geet bolted the door and ran towards the phone and sat by the floor, with the camera in her hands. Sasha sighed realizing she was back but her heart ached to see Geet like this.

Abhi Nahi Aana Sajna- Album Song

Sasha checked the caller and stopped seeing nisha on the other side. He felt his heart being pierced into millions of pieces hearing that broken voice. I shall not open the saina If You call out.

We use cookies for marketing and to give you the best experience. It was an hour later that Geet woke up and found herself on bed again. Her temperature was still not down. He braked hard in front of the mansion…there was definitely something wrong. She probably tripped a few times here and there until she reached very far from that place, panting furiously.

She wondered if something was wrong. She found it on the dining table. Numerous questions ran in his mind.

The day was going to be very long indeed…so many paper works. The story is simple… like any other… it has no special characters or tracks…just a normal one but with a little sophisticated characters.

He tried again to her office checking if she was back. She was so scared of the same thing happening to her.

He was no different either. Abhi nahi aana sajana Abhi nahi aana sajana Mohe thoda marne de Intezar karne de Abhi nahin aana. He banged the door harder and was surprised to see it open.

Abhi Nahi Aana Sajna - Lyrics and Music by Sona Mohapatra arranged by Nikki_ | Smule

Bhejiyo Sandesha Aap Nahin Aana. Silence prevailed from both sides as his tone echoed through the lines.

Sasha looked at her eyes brimming with tears and her head shaking a no. Geet just gave a blank look and sat up to take the medicine. She cried as she heard his favourite song play on the radio she had switched on. No one took the call.

On the way he tried to call her but her number came switched off. She rung the bell a few more times like a maniac.

His heart ached for her… he knew she would have tried to run away.

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