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View Public Profile for bshcheng. OS User Access Requirements: Now see what packages are installed for AIX 5. To use, you need access to the clients' SMS menu.

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Appreciate so much if someone could offer help Switch to Threaded Mode. Not a Forum Member? The following addresses are included in the bootp reply The purpose is to create an overall document which describes into detail how AIX machines are installed and managed.

The command lsnim will tell you by showing you no objects at all: Sign up for Q to post comments. Also, we confirm that the resources have permissions set correctly for reading.

We use debug-enabled network boot images to determine which routes could not be defined.

Oracle Study之--AIX 6.1安装Oracle 10gR2

All times are GMT It will first ask for the first CD to copy the missing bow, and after that it will ask for all cds:. JavaScript is required for this content. This site uses cookies to provide a better visitor experience.

After clicking Download, you should be able to select the zip file and download to your machine. Follow the guidelines under cloning AIX to see how an image can be created and restored.

IBM Fileset information for: infographics.spaceols - United States

After that the installation starts. Also note that any view or statement expressed anywhere on this site are strictly mine and not the opinions or views of my employer. I found the right bff U and I smitty to install it and encountered the "missing requisites" error as attached in which missing the "base level fileset" bos. Because the number of boot images may increase with the number of operating system levels I created a special directory on the dedicated volume group and let the directory in root link to this directory:.

Please seek assistance from your network install administrator. Click on the patch number. Missing Base level fileset of bos.

Installation Summary Name Level Part Event Result bos. Set the parameter in the NIM Server so clients can register themselves: The NIM master uses the bootpd and tftpd services. Define lpp source for AIX 6. Remove duplicate updates -u flag. SSL certificate generation on OS level or application level. Finished processing all filesets.

Initiated from the client. Checking an updated LPP source consists of 3 steps, first check the lpp source, then remove duplicate packages, and then recheck the lpp source. Selected Filesets bos. I don't know for sure if the checking is necessary, act it only takes a few seconds, so better safe then sorry.

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Select the operating system and click Search. A file which runs after the installation on your client to perform customization such as file system resizing, additional user creation etc. OS User will need to own the software mount.

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