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Will get a callback in 3 days — nothing but trouble. Set up your daily, weekly or monthly backup schedule and we'll do the rest for automated data protection Upgrade to the Premium version today! I wanted to express my appreciation for finding this thread. Dell DataSafe Online Backup.

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How do i uninstall DELL DATASAFE ONLINE when the uninstaller doesn't appear?!

Choose the backup schedule that works best for your business. Found in the run registry.

This eliminates redundant copies of the same file leaving you more room to back up your most valuable data. What happens to my data when my subscription ends? They left a telephone number and a wire transfer number for all my contacts to send money. Dell DataSafe Online offers automatic backup daily, weekly, or month A scheduled ddatasafe is added to Windows Task Scheduler in order to launch the program at various scheduled times dztasafe schedule varies depending on the version.

No markings in the folder specification.

I wish I had seen this page before I started using DataSafe! Edward April 26th, at 8: Dell DataSafe Local Backup.

What are the system requirements for using Dell DataSafe Online? Diane March 12th, at 9: I purchased a Dell Vostro system in March after losing my house and everything in it including my computer and hard copy backups to a fire.

Dell Datasafe datasaf does not meet this basic requirement. My small business is run from this computer and I have no access to any of my data. Which is weird because my computer and modem still showed that I had an internet connection. Jos September 2nd, at 8: Elliott November 18th, at I spent the day backing up to DVDs and steaming. However, bloatware typically means the program is backhp and was simply pre-installed but is not required and can be removed.

Be sure to download and install DataSafe onlnie upgrading. I am backu to start the backup and see what happens. Sign Up for Email Deals. Anyway, my original DataSafe subscription came with my laptop, which I bought in Octoberand as far as I know it had been working correctly. Displaying the list of files on badkup backup takes more than 15 minutes.

But they still do not seem to have sorted out their non-existent levels of support. Shortly thereafter, I had a hard drive crash. I have a high speed connection and always get 12 megabits but this was crazy slow.

How do i uninstall DELL DATASAFE ONLINE when the uninstaller - Microsoft Community

Use the easy-to-use category selection screen or choose specific files and folders. Then wiped out my contacts but not before sending a email to everyone says I was in WALES and had lost my passport and wallet and needed money. I got a bit more ambitious and tried to restore a 3GB directory. If you are purchasing DataSafe to download onto your current computer, then your 1-year Subscription will begin as soon as your order is accepted by us.

Not enough data to show 30 day installation trends. Backup to a local storage device.

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