Diablo 2 weapon

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Jun 23, Posts: The satisfaction rate in D3 is high with getting lots of legs frequently akin to constant addiction. I play because I enjoy the gameplay, not because I want to spend all day in the forums or trade chat looking for items to make a build that might not even be good.

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Diablo 2 : where to get a decent weapon...

Endgame PoE is anything but slow, many people argue its getting way too fast, same as in diablo just one shotting eveything and the only cap on killspeed are your movement skills. It was much more fun for the small fraction of the player base that had the time and was willing to spend it on just this game maybe but for the vast majority of players it was a shit show where xiablo never even got to see what builds looked like fully realized.

Apart from weapons and armor which are listed below, there are several other item types the player will come upon. I mean just look at this: There's an argument there that PoE just has further to go.

The Arreat Summit - Items: Weapons and Armor

Diablo 2 for the modern era! If you have Topazes, you can insert them in a socketed helmet and it'll help too. Jul 27, Posts: Find a super rare item?

That said, ain't nobody got time fo' that. It was really hard to find items like this because of the season resets. Just make a meeting point at the town and have all the party members drop off magical items they don't need so that everyone else can weapkn through them.

Seems like nostalgia googles to me, man. I don't know that that is a better system, unless you bot, or are unemployed and have 20 hours a day to play.

This page was last edited on 10 Juneat Not a bad weapon, but damage in act 3 just doen't cut it. Jul 5, Posts: It's just a property of the weapon class. As far as GRs, at the highest level you see it all the time.

I noticed this dichotomy when I came back over the holidays, I hadn't played since they stopped updates on old generation consoles and ciablo differences in gearing now versus wapon blew me away, but having rifts to do and content that I can't steamroll and not having to get stacks of nephalim glory to get keys for ubers is a decent tradeoff in my mind.

It really helps to have one of those "fortune" amulets or rings that increase your chance of finding magic items. The best item I had was a perm storm circlet on non ladder. Legit the exact opposite for me with the "addiction" if anything, it's extremely boring getting upgrades every 10 minutes at the start and after just a week you're so decked out that you never find anything. Sat Aug 12, 6: Diaglo want to be able to find good stuff on my own.

I'm not saying the entire item doablo was designed around a fraction of the player base because of this one item. Maybe because people like me don't think it's as good as people like you praise it to be.

I always viewed trading as part of the gameplay and loved it. Besides advancing the story, much of the game focuses and revolves around finding better and better items to equip your character with. I take it I'm not going to find squat for my paladin until I get over lvl 20 or so? The whole point of end game fishing is that GRs aren't anywhere close to consistent, and you can get a GR that is 5 GRs lower being harder than another GR that is higher, because of Maps, bosses, mobs, etc.

I remember getting an enigma on my summon necro was so amazing because you'd pull all of your summons to your teleport location. GirgleMirt Ars Praefectus Registered: I can see how it would be preferable to the dozen or so people who are willing to grind that long and that hard for that one item because then they don't have to compete on equal footing with other players but it's insane to design an entire item system around a fraction of a percent of the player base.

And the surprise of other players when they get to the end and find him already dead.

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