Dotnetnuke feedback module

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Please post any issues you find with this module or any enhancement requests for future versions in the projects CodePlex issue tracker at http: Robert J Collins 5. Do you have useful information that you would like to share with the DNN Community in a featured article or blog? Tycho de Waard 3.

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The regular expresions for validating the sender's Email, PostalCode and Telephone fields may be defined in the module's settings as it is difficult to create regular expressions that dotnethuke all international formats.

add custom fields to feedback module

In the attempt to keep up a regular ish stream of updates and improvements, here is version 6. Comment Form Only registered users may post comments. At this time, it is difficult to estimate when feecback new version of Feedback will be officially released for production use as it will have to pass through the release tracker testing process. After installing the new Feedback module and adding modkle to a page, please navigate to the module's Settings page and look over and as needed configure the many options that are available in the new release.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the ecosystem by subscribing. Comments 4Permalink.

Feedback Module v Officially Released > DNN Software

Steve - I use the module on DNN 7, so there shouldn't be a major issue there. Additional fields for entering sender's contact information have been added: English language posting only, please. It highlights feevback and content from around the DNN ecosystem, such as new modules and moduld, messages from leadership, blog posts and notable tweets.

Moderator may now edit the subject and message fields of any post. Erik van Ballegoij Full details on the changes can be found in great detail on our CodePlex Issue List. DNN Digest is our monthly email newsletter.

Navin V Nagiah Phil Speth Thursday, October 3, 2: Database scripts have been updated to include a migration path for prior version users. A foreign key constraint on the ModuleID column of the Feedback table to the core Modules table with cascade delete on has been added to remove module instance feedback items when the module is deleted from the recycle bin.

Navin V Nagiah Feel free to ping me again in a couple of months to remind me it need doing. This includes promotion of commercial and non-commercial products or services which are not directly related to DNN. Each field has the appropriate validators applied and its value filtered for html elements, scripting, and SQL commands prior to storing in the database.

Robert J Collins 5. Tycho de Waard 3.

In order to participate you must be a registered DNNizen. When multiple Email addresses are specified either in the Send To or Send To Roles selector, duplicate addresses for example caused by same user having multiple roles are filtered out. List of Changes Converted module to VS to be released as version Added optional confirm email field 'Re-direct To' list now includes hidden tabs Where can you download Feedback Comment Form Only registered users may post comments.

Full details on the changes can be found in great detail on our CodePlex Issue List.

Feedback Designer Module

A section head control has also been added to each status grid to allow collapsing grids which contain posts but are not of interest at the moment. Tycho de Waard 3.

You may also download the module's install package from its CodePlex project's download page found at http: Tycho de Waard 3. Moderation has been fixed to be a dotnnetnuke to which the Administrator can navigate to Prior version had it only accessible via the email that the module sent out.

I'd like to use that format but also add telephone, address, etc.

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