Far cry 2 new maps

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Now a month later their army is triple times bigger. This map have a re-engineered gameplay which reverses the gameplay rules. See the readme for the developer's notes.

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If all the buildings wouldn't look like a thousand years old, this could really be an real american town. D If you're looking for a challenge, there is an old War platform just off shore that will provide a lot of firepower for who ever can get there But if you want to use other vehicles be my guest. If you are looking for some hearty gaming and a chance to put down some of your friends, or maybe friends that you haven't met yet, then you're in the right place!

But unfortunately the army of The Living Dead was bigger and stronger.

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A long jungle road leads westward around the mxps towards the mining facility and through the shanty town where the mining workers used to live. There will be more pirates wars map in the future. Guest Mar 30 This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. You will come across a small shanty village during your travels Essentially, it is two islands connected by a large wooden bridge.

Usually the map is layed out to be a night map, but I took the screenshots during daytime to get a better view on the map.

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There's a small base that belongs to the APR. It's definitly worth a download.

Refer to he readme for the developer's notes. If you think you have what it takes to be the one amps gets all of the bragging rights, then start your download now and begin the trek to supremacy over the Desert Fort! Access to the base is pretty easy by the other side.

Hidden Civilization is all about action, and provided everyone in-game don't just stand around enjoying one of the many scenic areas, the action should be intense! If you don't mind soggy feet, and a good time blasting whatever you aim at, then pack your flippers and rubber ducky, it's time to venture into the The Swamps shoot everything that moves!

Drive in Cinema gives you a unique setting for you to show off your 'Deathmatch' and 'Team Deathmatch' skilz There's a lot of things to see here, lots of details The action has the potential for getting intense at many places inbut I'm banking on gar village around the border crossing to produce the most fun. Make sure you have an ample supply of mapw, there's nothing worse then having someone in your crosshairs and hearing a 'click' instead of a 'bang' There are several deadly traps located throughout; Will you prevail?

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Support for mals gametypes. I have tested it and it seems to be fairly bug free tho. Gold Rush Final is a fun map to spend some time playing, if you think you have the uber skilz to grab all of the gold.

The two mountains are ideal for small skirmish sniper. To spread the action out some, KiLaKeV has included a buggy and a single boat on each side; This map has action all through it, especially if you find yourself on the bridge! Badlands brings you everything you would imagine the 'badlands' would be like, unless of course, you are a Trek fan this is a challenging and unforgiving mixture of open Maos with some rivers winding through it; As this map supports multiple game types, the developer has taken the time to place certain objects, such as structures, into strategic locations so that they would become an important objective depending on mode was being played.

To create a map around the premise of underground tunnels, in which most of the spawn points would be located, tar that players would have to survive the maze below in order to reach the supplies and tactical opportunities of the surface.

Various walkways, hidden paths, coverables, sniper points,natural and manmade obstacles make this a desperate standoff where teams must be prepared to adopt a variety of strategies if they are to succeed. I made it 1 year The saving grace for your survival is that the developer has allowed for plenty of objects and structures to be used as cover.

As with his ealier release, get ready for some fun and adventure as you attempt to be the top dog in this action-packed bundle of Far Cry 2 goodness! They have created, and made available for you to enjoy, their fun-to-play map: This is a great map for those of you that like to move about stealthily, the high grass and number of structures make this a little easier; However, your type of game mapz will depend mostly on the game mode that you find yourself in at the time.

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