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One original four-hour program, first aired in October , was edited into a three-hour program for reairing in , and the four-hour "Disco Hits" special from July with the first hour optional was aired in , but until the fall of , no other program from the last 15 months of the s was included in the "AT In he was initially hired as the narrator for the ABC sitcom Soap , but quit after the pilot episode due to controversial content. Retrieved June 15, Stevens then gave a rundown of how many songs had been played over the series' entire run to that point, with a final total of different chart toppers, including the one he was about to play as it returned to the top of the chart that week: Encyclopedia of Television Shows, through 2nd ed.

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These songs would generally only be aired in brief snippets during the show.

Casey Kasem

This chart used a recurrent rule that removed songs below 25 that had exceeded 26 weeks in the top 50; these removals, if they occurred in the top 40, would be reflected on the tpo week's program. Retrieved July 19, Mystery Incorporatedagain uncredited at his request. Archived from the original on October 13, Inhe played the role of "Knife" in the "surfers vs.

One original four-hour program, first aired in Americwnwas edited into a three-hour program for reairing inand the four-hour "Disco Hits" special from July with the first hour optional was aired inbut until the fall ofno other program from the last 15 months of the s was included in the "AT For early s programs, some of the "optional extras" were actually extras tlp.

Wife throws raw meat at his daughter".

On several occasions, the show would play remixed versions of charted songs. And for nearly 40 years from towhen he played about 10, records and read some 4, dedication letters.

Casey Kasem and Watermark's policy regarding putting American Top 40 together was to always play the forty most popular songs in the United States and never to ban a record from the countdown. And his latest productions americxn his biggest yet: In Novemberthree of Kasem's children and his brother sued his widow for wrongful death. Most shows featured two long distance dedications, usually with one during each half of the show.

Well, in a few minutes, they can start packing. Kasem was a devout vegansupported animal rights and environmental causesand was a critic of factory farming. A Yabba Dabba Doo Celebration.

They had one child, Liberty Jean Kasem. Retrieved October 4, BluestreakCliffjumperTeletraan I and Dr. As a result, AT40's weekly playlist could be very diverse in the styles and formats of the songs played. Retrieved June 16, It's a great show--and he should be doing it.

Joseph Papp was so impressed, that he bought the rights to it and commissioned Jim Steinman to write another musical. Lurieas a birthday present for his wife, Jean. Further complications arose when some stations that stayed with Stevens also added Kasem's new show.

Jean Kasem claimed that he had been given no food, water, or medication the previous weekend. Retrieved May 10, The American Top 40 format was adapted in an Australian show titled Take 40 Australiasimilarly counting down the top 40 songs in the country.

Casey Kasem - Wikipedia

Since there was interest in Kasem, who was now 65 years old and hosting americah adult contemporary countdown shows in addition to his pop show, Westwood One decided it was best for them to retain Kasem and in December he reupped for one additional year. One solution for the AT40 producers was to air frequent specials at least three or four times a year that concentrated on the classic music of the past, such as Rock in the Movies and Top Hits of the Seventies.

Perhaps the most unique LDD, though, came in April, Coleman's sleight-of-hand was actually the second time a version of the AT40 had aired that was not quite on the up and up. His teases were short but highly effective.

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