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Click the Properties tab in the upper right side of the user interface to view the Property inspector, which displays the Stage properties for the file when no other objects are selected. Then you can access the Property inspector to check that the panel refers to the selected symbol and indicates that an instance is selected. Select the file named SimpleFlash. When you want to add a command that controls the Timeline, you'll add ActionScript code to a keyframe indicated by a dot symbol on the Timeline.

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There are three icons to the right of the layer names: The five areas of the workspace are identified in Figure 1.

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This indicates that the Timeline is prepared for you to edit the ending location of the symbol and create a one-second animation—assuming that you haven't changed default frame rate fikes the project from 24 fps in the Property inspector. Choose a fill color that contrasts well with the Stage color.

There are many online resources you can use to learn more about working with Flash Professional: Filles the format you selected requires more information, an Export dialog box appears. Once it's saved, you can reset the workspace by choosing its name from the workspace menu. If you are not sure if the Show Outlines option is enabled, click the icon repeatedly to toggle the visual state between normal view and outline view.

How to export files from Animate CC

By default, the Property inspector is vertically aligned along the right side of the workspace. When you tested the movie, the animation loops by default as the movie plays in Flash Player. Navigate to the FLA file, and click Open. When you drag a copy of the symbol from the Library panel to the Stage, the copy on the Stage flssh called an instance of the symbol. Select the file named SimpleFlash.

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The Animate Export commands do not store export settings separately with each file, as does the Publish command. First, drag the playhead to Filfs 10 in the Timeline. Flash projects often include extensive use of vector graphics.

In this example, it is the animatrd location on the Stage known as its X and Y or horizontal and vertical properties that are changing as the playhead moves across the Timeline. Creating your first Flash Professional CS5 document. Follow these steps to add a Replay button and the corresponding ActionScript to your file: The property keyframes on the Timeline mark the timing of the animation, indicating the filee whenever objects change on the screen and storing the properties of the object that change.

A bounding box selection appears around the circle. Select a color of your choice from the Fill color picker, located directly below the Stroke color picker.

To create all the files you need to put Animate content on the web, use the Publish command.

The Stage background color swatch is set fi,es white. Take a few moments to read filees the code. In this example, an oval with a blue fill color is displayed on top of a red Stage color. While editing a FLA file in the Flash authoring environment, you'll notice that the user interface is divided into five main parts: The Selection tool is the first item displayed in the Tools panel. Be very careful to always select the object on the Stage first. The SWF file that is generated by Flash when you publish a project is the file that you'll embed in a web page.

Using bitmap animzted in Flash projects results in larger file sizes because each individual pixel in the image requires a separate piece of data to represent it.

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The first step involves creating a new document: Update the FLA file as needed flqsh Animate. To learn more about publishing your document, read the Publishing and Exporting section in the Flash Professional online documentation. The movie loops automatically, so you can watch the circle move across the window repeatedly.

If the fill color swatch is set to a color and the stroke is set to No Color, the settings are correct.

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