Call of duty finest hour

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Call of Duty 4: The team is led by Sgt. Duty Calls One thing that keeps things interesting is your teammates. Finest Hour PS2 ". The atmosphere is electric, the sense of making tiny in-roads to solve a great problem as satisfying as it is frustrating

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Walker capl up up with Sgt. Rather than having player's stick with one character and follow their progression through an entire campaign, as in the PC version, Finest Hour hangs with most characters for just a couple of missions before hopping off to look at another perspective.

Maybe it was the character jumping or maybe it was the generic feel the game puts out, but I just couldn't really get into this one.

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See all 38 User Reviews. The game is set in World War 2 and you have to shoot your way through various war scenarios and stay alive. The game will take you about eight hours to beat and it will entertain you for most all of that time.

Playing through Finest Houryou see the war through the eyes of multiple soldiers. Best war game ever! Finest Hour - IGN". The atmosphere is good and it captures the feel of being in a real war with ca,l dropping bombs near your position, vast number of enemies to kill and the sound of battle cries shouting around you.

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After breaking in, Nikolai and his men find official German intelligence documents and hurry to deliver the information to their superiors. Contents [ show ]. Once the airfield has been destroyed they meet up with more Soviets to assault the command center.

Finest Hour is a fine excuse for wasting Fibest hiding in rooms, sniping from balconies, or storming the streets. The tank is repaired and the crew must drive and fight through the battle damaged Stalingrad. Finest Hour PS2 ".

It does have it share of problems but you do get a good size of FPS action which is really Call of Duty: If you want it, Get it now!! The checkpoints are also very spaced out from each other and considering the game seems to sometimes throw waves of enemies at you, this can lead to loads of deaths and trying again and again.

Finest Hour for GameCube Reviews".

Call of Duty: Finest Hour

Despite all this, Call of Duty: In a console world overrun with first-person shooters, this latest call to duty falls on deaf ears. If there had been offline multiplayer support, the score would've been higher for the game.

Nikolai and other Ts proceed to the airstrip to destroy German aircraft. Great presentation and some intense missions will draw you into the game's immersive environment and make for a very entertaining experience. Finewt features six intertwined stories and battles based on real events from the perspective of soldiers on each side of the allied campaign U.

Each weapon has its own unique personality, more so than the characters that wield them. In war, you never really fight alone and so it is with Call of Dutyas you od alongside numerous allies in each mission. This isn't a typical arcade shooter like TimeSplitters where you can just run and let the autoaim assist you in shooting your enemies.

Sign In Don't have an account? Archived from the original on October 28, It's impossible not to compare Finest Hour to its PC counterpart and see what's been lost in the translation.


You can play o, beat it in under ten hours easilyand enjoy it. The only mission where this is untrue is the first U.

A lack of checkpoints, imperfect weapon design and control along with a lack of a story that players will care for makes this the low point for the impressive franchise.

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