Dragon ball z af games

By | 19.09.2018

Another thing is weither its fan-based or not, the fact is that toriyama isn't going to continue the series beyond the mmorpg, and personally i want to see more and make more and I assume many other fans want to see more about the z fighters and their adventures. Plus, without someone actually reading the thing, we don't really have a way of verifying the plot's "validity. The entire series is somewhat based on the idea of continuing to reach new levels and plateaus and considering this super saiyan 5 and beyond would just be a higher level and a higher plateau.

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Dragon Ball AF Mugen 2018

Contents [ show ]. If the source itself is used to make a case here that would be different.

Teen Gohan Super Saiyan. However if he would have gave another person the right to make another series officially they would have went to super saiyan 5 and beyond as it was the next logical step.

Hi, I am Ultimate avatar and I have came to talk about what some fans think. Dragon Ball Battle 4.

Dragon Ball Fight V2. I know its not real but that specific image is just too much to erase It's a complete different story made by Prince God Vegeta.

GT wasnt made by Toryiama. Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 4 4. Uub Uub 2nd costume. In fact, a good part of that discussion appears just above this message on this talk page.

Dragon Ball AF Mugen - Download - infographics.space

Then why hasn't it been officially released? I also read He wanted to make a small series about Goku adn Vegeta Jr. Should a similar rumor crushing page be made for Hoshi? Nappa Super Saiyan 4. Dragon Ball Goku Fighting 4. Sign In Don't have an dravon Dragon Ball Z Trivia Quiz 3. Vegeta gamfs costume Vegeta 3rd costume. I'll write it on a my wiki and if I have some time, i'll give you the link.

Dragon Ball Budokai AF

Dragon Ball 3 3. I can make a blog and a youtube channel, but that doesn't somehow make me a credible, encyclopedic source. Home Contact Download Games. The unknown gamrs form, belongs to an original character called Tablos. They have an entire paragraph on why it's fake 6.

Just because the initials are "AF" does not mean they stand for "April Fool's"; bal call it an April Fool's joke is completely speculation. Dragon Ball Z Dark Day 3. Adult Gotenks Super Saiyan.

Krillin Krillin 2nd costume Krillin 3rd costume. And there's information from Daizenshuu EX in the article, which was a fansite. Super Android 17 Full Power. Vegeta Super Saiyan 2. We don't only add fan-made info in articles, but the forums and blogs are a great place for adding your favorite fan-made Dragon Ball spin-offs.

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