Gujarati swaminarayan bhajan

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Ekaj Chhe Aahsa Aa jivatarni Narayan Swami - Bhajan Samrat. Mobile Site Desktop Site Feedback. Kirtan Selection Sort kirtans by:

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Is very good while we r in temple while in car while in your while in plan while doing Satsang n want to find sons Harivallabha Swami - Sarangpur.

Kirtan Selection Sort kirtans by: Unicode Gujarati, English transliteration, and Harikrishna Gujarati. Ekaj Chhe Aahsa Aa jivatarni Bhor Same Bhakti Mata Niraj Parikh awaminarayan Classical Singer.

Anonymous November 21, at 9: Only the best Mahadev ringtones for your mobile device. Mobile Site Desktop Site Feedback. You can search unlimited material like: Gyanjivan Dasji Swami - Kundal.

Latest, Easy and Fancy Rangoli Designs. Audio mp3 Samples Download for free. Nirvesh Dave - Bal singer.

The site is also compatible with mobile browsers such as Safari on the iPhone, stock browser on Android, mobile Firefox, mobile Google Chrome and Dolphin Browser. Click on icon to add your favorites.

I can not download kittens. Chandan Shungar Na Pado. Jaydip Bhagat - Sardhar. Aaj ki to Shobha Shyam May I request adding new category of this kind and provide as much kirtan as possible? Murti Tamari Mara Shyam Harikrishna Gujarati - this text is in non-Unicode format using the popular Harikrishna font.

|| B A P S Swaminarayan Sanstha ||

I really love the search functionality which helps me quickly find any kirtan I want to sing. If a kirtan has been sung and published in a cassette or CD by BAPS, then this information is included for the kirtan.

Your browser does not support JavaScript or is disabled. Can someone pls let me know where I can find any contacts of satsangis in Honk Kong.

Very nice collection of Sant Pravachan and Katha. Rajendra Pala - Mumbai.

Kirtan Bhakti

Gujarati Calendar - Bhujmandir. Latest Hits of Atif Aslam. God Shree Swaminarayan also known as Shreeji Maharaj. The selection menu is both intuitive and comprehensive.

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