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I did it by beating two potatoes in a 3-beat rhythm in a pan filled with sand, rice, and crushed crackers. Then add distortion to the recording. Moon buggy on ice. Cartoon small spring, ping, twang 4 Cartoon Springs and Twangs https:

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Pitch adjusted to suit. Posted in Ambient 7 comments.

For a quicker pistol or machine gun, do quicker pitch downs, kind of like the HighQ synth percussion effect. Posted in Transportation 31 comments. Close mike on a running tap faucet. Space ship, hyper space zoom. Pick four or five notes Using the pencil tool, add four short notes very short notes.

Also, I was told that rubbing 2 nickels together with your thumb and forefinger and altering that is a great way to get a sort of creepy crawly sort of noise. Moon buggy on ice. For example, cashew nuts have a nice clunky grit to them. A pair of leather gloves flapped about is a good substitute for wings flapping when a bird takes off.

This sound effects pack is filled with those nasty creatures that sting or pest you. Experiment with the depth of the squish to get the best metallic resonation. Posted in AmbientRandom Sounds 18 comments.

EQ the master track to suit your sond. Over the years I have used a lot of audio gear for my filmmaking and I want to share some of the audio gear that I own and continue to use for my projects.

Posted in Random Sounds 11 comments Read More. Perhaps run through a vocoder.

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Outer space effedts charge. Posted in Random Sounds 28 comments Read More. If you need some great fight sounds to work from, this close combat effect library is worth checking out. Find us on Facebook. Processed bull whip cracks and monkey shrieks.

This pack includes 37 pipe type hits. Mechanical Sounds This pack includes some Mechanical sounds that you can use in your video. For a project, I had to create a loop of a bomber squadron from the view of someone on the ground. If you break up the gray powdery stuff found on sparklers into a fine powder, you can lay them in a line and set it etfects like a fuse — and it haopy exactly like one too.

For the sound of a space ship hurling through space: People have already mentioned cassette tape for grass but I feel that this sounds exclusively like dry grass. I dound playing my electric guitar unplugged and in front of me I had a fan. This pack includes some Science Fiction UFO sounds that you can use in your next alien invasion video. Also perhaps stirring in some pasta sauce and add some whooshes if they grow fast.

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Give a twist so it slightly squeaks then make it snap. Bones crunching and breaking. Crushing plastic drinks machine cups are meant to be good for bones breaking.

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